If you're tired of constantly creating content on social media and struggling to get leads and customers from organic social media marketing, join me for...

Social Media Ads Simplified: Grow Brand Awareness Fast, Get Leads, and Increase Sales With 3 Simple Campaigns.

When: Thursday, September 14, 2023

Time: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM PST (General)
12:00 PM - 4:30 PM PST (VIP)
Where: On Zoom (Attend from anywhere)

*The Pay If You're 100% Satisfied Guarantee.  I'm so confident this workshop will help you that I'll take all the risk.

You only pay after you attend the event and are 100% satisfied. If you attend and are unsatisfied, ignore the payment link we send after the event. It's that simple.

General Admission Fee: $27
VIP Experience Fee: $77 (12:00 pm-4:30 pm)

YES! REPLAYS are included for paid attendees.

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Thursday, September 14th
12:00 PM PST


Discover My 3 Simple Social Media Campaigns You Need for Fast Brand Growth, Daily Leads, and Increased Sales


Dear Growth Driven Entrepreneur,

  • Are you tired of posting content every week, and the algorithm only shows it #noone?
  • Are you frustrated by the #hustleandgrind of constantly creating content for ALL the platforms?
  • Are you ready to leverage your time and grow your business using simple social media ads?
If so, the game is about to change when you attend...

"Social Media Ads Simplified: Boost Brand Awareness, Leads, and Sales With 3 Simple Social Media Campaigns".

This breakthrough workshop will reveal the ONLY three social media campaigns you'll ever need, whether you're a "beginner" at ads or "advanced."

NOTE: Do not register for this class to learn how to go viral. It's okay if you'd like to create and post content all day, dance on TikTok, lip sync, and make meme videos. (I love watching them too!)

Yes. I create content weekly.

But, I'm not dependent on whether or not Meta (Facebook/Instagram), X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, or TikTok shows my content to the right people.

I control who sees my content and offers, as do my best clients.

I will teach you how to do it too.

This class is designed for business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who are already successfully selling their products or services and want to leverage social media to grow their brand fast, get leads daily and increase sales, and are willing to invest in ads.

Let me be clear as I don't want to waste your time...this workshop is not a good fit for businesses that don't have at least $500/mo to invest in ads to start. Scaling businesses will invest more as you can imagine.



Campaign 1: How to generate massive brand awareness and visibility using my $1/day ad strategy without breaking the bank

the dollar a day social media ads strategy darrell evans

In this transformative first session, I'll uncover the secrets of generating massive brand awareness with a $ 1-a-day ad strategy. No, it's not too good to be true – and it won't break your bank.

This session will teach you how to build brand awareness and quickly establish your expert authority in the marketplace using social media without posting content all day.

You'll discover:

  • Why this structure works so well (and most don't know about it)
  • The best ad objectives to use (there are two to use for this campaign type)
  • The best ad type for this campaign (what I show you will shock you)
  • The three key metrics you need to know to measure success
  • The "advanced" framework to scale brand visibility fast
  • BONUS: A complete walkthrough on how to set up my custom dashboard to see campaign performance in seconds.

*If you want more eyeballs on your brand, this campaign alone is worth the price of admission.


Campaign 2. How to get high-quality leads daily using my C.O.R.E. lead generation framework

how to consistently generate high ticket leads darrell evans

Imagine a steady stream of high-quality leads coming your way, day after day, without doing SEO, blogging, cold email outreach, cold calling or attending networking functions.

In the second session, you'll discover my proprietary C.O.R.E. lead generation framework. This methodology will attract IDEAL customers to your business – consistently.

You'll discover:

  • Which ad type has the "best conversions" today
  • How to make sure your ad is seen by the right people
  • The psychological trigger I use in crafting an enticing offer to get leads to raise their hand
  • What metrics matter in these campaigns (i.e., CPM, CTR, CPC, CPL...I'll explain it all.)
  • BONUS: The one thing you can do before the workshop ends to start generating more leads within days (without ads...Shhhh!)

*If you've struggled to generate social leads, this campaign is worth the admission price.


Campaign 3. How to convert more leads to sales automatically using an email conversion framework.

secrets to high converting email campaigns darrell evans

Leads are the lifeblood of your business, but only if you can convert them into sales. In our final session, you'll be introduced to an automated email conversion framework I've used since 2003.

This framework will keep you top of mind and turn your leads into loyal customers, generating a steady sales flow.

You'll discover:

  • Real examples of emails of highly profitable campaigns (Open rates of 20%-50%
  • My strategy for writing subject lines that get opened (it's easier than you think)
  • How to strategically time the sending of your emails (no, not the time of the day)
  • How to use ChatGPT (or another AI Tool) with my template if you're not a writer or hate writing
  • BONUS: The email I sent re-activates dead leads or deals.

*If you're concerned about the ROI of your marketing, this campaign is worth the price of admission.

With these three social media campaigns, you can wave goodbye to the complicated maze of ineffective social media strategies.

Stop wasting time and resources on social media strategies that don't work.

I'm in the trenches every day, so there won't be any fluff or hyperbole being taught here, and I didn't create this content using ChatGPT.

I started my first business in my 20s and learned "direct response advertising and copywriting" from some of the world's best. 

I jumped online in 2003 once I realized the leveraging power of digital and started using these strategies to grow my mortgage and real estate business.

I started on social media in 2006 (LinkedIn) and YouTube (2007, before YouTubing was a thing). We started the digital marketing agency in 2011 and have been advertising on Meta and Google since 2012.

You'll see data from LIVE campaigns I'm running and from my clients (privacy measures taken, of course).

You won't see me bragging all over social media about how good I am.

I've enjoyed being behind the scenes while we've helped our clients generate well over 300M+ in revenues. (*Not a claim or guarantee of what will happen for you.)


Join us at "Social Media Ads Simplified" to harness the power of these proven social media campaigns.

I want to help you skyrocket your brand awareness, generate new leads daily, and convert more sales before the event ends. We'll do it together during the workshop so be ready to work.

Your brand's fast track to growth starts here, whether you are a beginner or an advanced advertiser, and I'll take all the risk.

Given our current inflationary times, we've made it affordable for any entrepreneur at any level.

General admission is $27. (12-3 pm PST/3-6 pm EST)
VIP Experience is $77. (3-4:30 pm PST/6-7:30 pm EST)

*The Pay If You're 100% Satisfied Guarantee.  I'm so confident this will help you that I'll take all the risk. You'll only pay after you attend the event. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, ignore the payment link we sent after the event, and we'll part as friends. It's that simple

Why would I do this? It's pretty simple for me.

  1. I believe in helping you get 'REAL VALUE' before paying, not just information.
  2. I'm tired of people struggling to get social media ads working in their business. I've been advertising on social since 2012, but technically, nothing's changed, but everything has changed.
  3. I'm interested in becoming a growth partner with some entrepreneurs and companies in attendance, but I know you'll only trust me if I PROVE I CAN HELP YOU.

Secure your spot today because I have no idea if I'll make this offer like this again.

Then, show up ready to learn, and let's work for a few hours.

To Your Success,

Darrell Evans
Founder, Growth Driven Entrepreneur
CEO/Co-founder, Yokel Local

P.S. Again, here's how the pricing works. Just tell us which option you want when you register today.

General admission is $27. (12-3 pm PST/3-6 pm EST)
VIP Experience is $77. (3-4:30 pm PST/6-7:30 pm EST)

*The Pay If You're 100% Satisfied Guarantee.  I'll take ALL the risk. You'll only pay after you attend the event. If you're unsatisfied, ignore the payment link we send after the event, and we'll part as friends.

Social Media Ads Simplified FAQs

Who is this workshop for?

Business Owners, CEOs, and Marketers who have struggled to find success with brand visibility, lead generation, and customer acquisition using social media.

What industries do these campaigns work best for?

Professional Service Providers (i.e. Lawyers, Doctors, CPAs, Dentists, Chiropractors), Brick and mortar local businesses (i.e. Gyms, Restaurants, Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, Home Service Providers (i.e. HVAC, Plumber, Roofing, Water Damage companies).

Do you offer VIP tickets?

Yes. There is a VIP option. You’ll see this option on the registration form.

Do I have to be super technical to run these campaigns?

No worries. All three campaigns can be set up without needing a developer or expert digital marketer. It can be learned by anyone.

What if I’ve never run social media ads before?

This event is for any business. If you’re new to ads, you actually have an advantage over people who are stuck in their ways.

Will we build campaigns in the workshop?

You will work on two BONUS strategies for immediate results but there won't be time for full campaign build-outs.

Will help or support be provided after the event if we need help?

Yes. We will discuss ways for me and my team can support attendees after the event.

What if I buy a ticket but can’t make it last minute?

You may transfer the ticket to someone on your team if you can't make it. You must contact us at support@darrellevans.net to have our team handle this.

Questions! Email support@darrellevans.net


About Your Instructor

Darrell Evans is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a proven track record of helping companies like yours achieve real results. As the Co-founder/CEO of Yokel Local Internet Marketing, Darrell and his teams have helped their clients generate over $300+ in revenue online since 2011.

But Darrell isn't just an expert in the field of digital marketing and sales. He's the host of The MindShift Podcast. He is also the Founder of Growth Driven Entrepreneur. Every week, he coaches business owners on his signature growth frameworks: The Lean Growth Method, the 60-minute Brand Authority System, and his C.O.R.E. Framework for getting better leads that close fast.


*We Guarantee Your 100% Satisfaction. If you attend the full event and are unhappy with the quality of our training, ask for your money back within 72 hours of the event. It's that simple.