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Take The Stress and Overwhelm Out of Growing A Business.

I'll teach you the practical steps of how I went from being a fry cook to building multiple businesses and helping clients grow by $300M+ in revenue.

Grow Revenue

Build Systems & Team

Enjoy Freedom

Are You Feeling Burned  Out Trying To Scale Your Business?

These are some of the things that kept my clients up at night before we worked together.

  • My revenue is unpredictable.

  • My marketing strategy isn't working.

  • My cashflow is a rollercoaster.

  • I don't have a predictable online strategy.

  • I'm overwhelmed with technology

  • I'm not generating enough leads who are ready to buy.

  • I haven't taken a vacation in years.

  • I'm not sure I can really grow the business.

  • I'm wearing too many hats.

  • I can't delegate tasks to my team. (or What team?)

  • I'm missing time with my spouse/partner/family.

  • I can't find good people for my team.

  • I can't delegate tasks to my team. (or What team?)

  • I can't sustain momentum in the business.

  • My online presence/digital marketing is not bringing in business.

  • I'm struggling to stay focused.

Hey, My friend. I've been there too.

Don't you deserve a plan, process and partner to help you scale so you don't have to do it alone?

There Are Three Keys To Scaling Faster
Without Burning Out.



You need a clear plan on exactly what to do next to get to the next level in marketing, sales, or people.


You need guidance from someone who has done it so you won't have to do it alone.


You need the plan, playbooks, and processes to build a team that can execute.

Are You A 6 or 7-Figure Entrepreneur Who Wants...

  • A business that can run without you someday

  • Predictable Sales and Increased profits

  • Peace of mind (and maybe a little more sleep)

  • More time freedom (so the business doesn't own you)

  • To build wealth for yourself and their family

...without feeling burned out, stressed, anxious and without wasting money?

Here's How Darrell Helps You.

Step 1: Discover

Book a call so we can discuss where you are stuck and where you want to go. 

Step 2: Dissect

We'll audit your marketing and sales strategy for quick wins you can use in 30 days or less. 

Step 3: Design

We'll provide the plans, processes and playbooks that will help you get results fast.

Step 4: Deploy

We will execute, review, analyze, plan then repeat until your goal is reached.

Notice: There's a reason 95% of businesses don't scale.
If you're not committed, coachable, decisive and resourceful, do not book a call.

Meet Darrell Evans


Darrell Evans is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and Co-founder of Yokel Local Internet Marketing (Digital Marketing Agency). There, he and his team have helped businesses generate over $300M in revenue online. He’s personally started and/or operated 6 businesses since the age of 20.

In 2019, he launched The MindShift Podcast, is the CEO of MindShift Business Academy (launching soon), and has been teaching his marketing, sales, and business strategies since 2003.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and shares best practices and strategies on podcasts weekly. He loves to help business owners accelerate growth using his proven frameworks that have helped him and hundreds of other businesses scale 7 and 8-figure businesses while building a business that serves them.

What People Say About Darrell and His Team

"...invaluable to our lead generation efforts. We have worked with them over the years and have seen an increase in our qualified leads and closed sales."
Allison E, Marketing Manager, $80M national firm
"Darrell is one of the BEST visionaries and sales professionals I know! He is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of internet marketing. I HIGHLY recommend Darrell!"
Judith Miller, Business Owner
"I worked closely with Darrell for 4 years. He continually focuses on moving the needle on things that matter for revenue generation."
Amanda E, Head of Content Marketing
"I received a consultation about my business that was worth the thousands of dollars I wasted spinning my wheels. He gave me a plan I can actually use."
Anisa K, Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this call free? (Read this)

For a limited time, Darrell is purchasing 10 sessions per month for qualified applicants. The standard rate for a strategy session/coaching call is $1,500. 

Is this a coaching or consulting program?

Darrell offers both results-based coaching programs to get you results faster. He also offers strategic consulting for 10-12 clients each year.

How do you get paid if we work together?

There are two options:
1. All Coaching programs: Flat fee (paid in full or payment options)
2. Consulting: Flat fee and/or Results-based revenue-sharing agreement. 

How do I know if I'm qualified?

If you've been in business for at least two years, are doing at least $75k in revenues annually, are decisive, committed, and resourceful, you are likely qualified. This is not for startups with no revenue yet. I hired my first coach at $81K in sales at the end of my first full year as an entrepreneur. It changed everything.

Why are you doing this?

1. Most entrepreneurs own a job and they'd rather own a business. (That was once me.)
2. I've figured some things out and know there's a better way for you.
3. Impact and legacy.  (Business is my Hall of Fame.) 😁

Are you a venture capitalist investing in my company?

No. Though, I am an angel investor and have access to investors, my primary interest is in helping you grow a business that serves you, not take your company. If you are considering selling, we can discuss how I can help.

FREE AUDIO REVEALS "5 Critical Mistakes Keeping Entrepreneurs Stuck and Overwhelmed (and what to do about it)."

Starting a business is the easy part. Growing a business that serves you, instead of trapping you is tough. This will help.