Amber Hurdle on Branding From The Inside Out

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Episode 254
Do you want to have a brand that attracts Hell Yes clients and opportunities that align with your values and goals? You're in the right place! Amber Hurdle helps professionals connect the combined value of personal, employer, and business brands to achieve bottom-line results.
Amber Erickson-Hurdle flipped the dialogue around branding on its head. She understands what it takes to accelerate success as a former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse businesswoman, having worked with international celebrities and Fortune 100 companies. If you are ready to dig into the core of branding and grow a successful business from within, this episode is for you!
Topics Covered:
  • Defining and positioning self-value.
  • Having a strong work ethic for career advancement.
  • Understand the role of personal branding in entrepreneurship.
  • Enhancing employer brand through employee experience.
  • Emotionally connecting to the right customers.
  • Creating a culture as part of the brand.
  • Cultivating customer loyalty.
  • Brand toolbox for small and mid-business owners.
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3 Powerful Quotes from Amber Hurdle

14:27 - "When you have a strong personal brand, you attract the right people and opportunities to your life. 
22:41 - "I say at Employer Brand Central, we're fully focused on the employer brand, but an employer brand is made up of many personal brands, and that starts with the CEO."
30:13 - "Your culture is the birthplace of your brand because you're putting a flag down saying: This is what we value. Do you value these things? Great, you're a perfect fit for us! If not, you should probably go work somewhere else."

About Amber Hurdle

Amber Erickson-Hurdle is a professional speaker, consultant, author, podcast host, and bombshell entrepreneur. After leading the internal rebrand when Marriott acquired the iconic hotel and its attractions, Amber continued her enthusiasm for internal relations by launching her own consulting firm, serving large brands such as FedEx Ground, Loews Hotels, and Stella & Dot, as well as small to medium-sized businesses who want to play big.
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