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Episode 197

Branding. PR. They’re one in the same, right? Well, not really. However, they aren’t as separate as they used to be. Thankfully, my guest today is Anika Jackson, founder of a marketing and communications firm dedicated to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Anika shares resources and advice and helps us to understand the importance of each better separately, as well as the impact they can have on businesses when used together. 

Here are three reasons you should listen to the complete episode: 

  1. Discover how crucial understanding and marketing your brand is for your small business.

  2. Learn how your “brand” and PR are different and entwined.

  3. Uncover how to present yourself as an expert in your field.


Episode Highlights 

Anika’s new program, The Brand Amplifier

    • This program helps you become a top brand in your industry and get clients. It has three different parts.
    • The first part is for people who want to learn all about branding.
    • The second part is online with group and coaching sessions.
    • The third part is a comprehensive package for entrepreneurs needing help with all aspects of this, including branding, logos, website, overhauls, PR, social media content, templates, etc. 

Top struggles entrepreneurs sometimes face in their business

    • Shifting their mindset in accepting that they are the face of their brand. 
    • Being crystal clear on who their customers are at this point. These changes and messaging needs to be aligned with this.
    • Really knowing who your brand is and having your brand statement.

Steps for building your brand 

    • Have good quality headshots.
    • Ensure that your bio shares your professional information and a bit of personality. People want to know that you are human. This helps to build the know-like-trust factor.
    • Your website has high-resolution logos and product photos, if applicable.
    • Include testimonials. This is proof that you are who you say you are and that you do what you will do.

What Anika would like to be remembered for

    • Anika wants to be remembered for her kindness, generous spirit and being a cheerleader for people’s hopes and dreams.



  • There are websites that you can use to get guest podcast spots. If you’re uncomfortable with speaking, have a sheet with your main talking points, so you cover everything.
  •  Help A Reporter Out (HARO) sends out three daily emails requesting various information from various sources. This is something that requires a timely response.
  • Qwoted is similar to HARO in finding experts and guests quickly
  • Simplified is an all-in-one tool for social media creation, planning, writing, and scheduling.


3 Powerful Quotes

05:17 – The brand really is, who are you in the world? What are you doing differently? What problem are you solving for people?” 

11:04 - “Branding work is so important because that is really the foundation for the PR messaging and for the marketing messaging.”  

30:01 – By looking at your content pillars, you can start streamlining how you're talking about your business on social media, thinking about how blog posts and everything else that you're doing interact.”  

38:32 – “This is third-party validation, that you are the expert that you say you are, and that's why PR is so important as part of the mix.”


About Anika Jackson 

Anika is a mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, marketing and communications strategist, and podcast host. As a Marcom executive, she has done everything, including experiential marketing/ event production, launch marketing, public relations, digital, and influencer throughout her career. She is a member of the Quickbooks Small Business Council, as well as on the Advisory Board for the Women in Leadership program for UCSB’s PaCE; advisor for Junior League of Los Angeles’ 2022 – 2023 President; founding board member of Learn Grow Lead; and Ballona Wetlands Philanthropy Chair for National Charity League’s Pier Chapter. In Anika’s newest role, she is a part-time graduate school professor for USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.


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