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Episode 83

Our guest today is Araks Nalbandyan, who is the director of marketing at 10Web. After the extensive experience that can only be described as a growth hacker’s fun ride through the different shades of digital marketing, including countless social media campaigns and SEO strategies for various agencies, Araks’ journey led to 10Web, an Automated WordPress Platform.

At 10Web, Araks took on the launch of 10Web and 10Web 2.0 on Product Hunt. She partnered with AppSumo and started new campaigns that generated thousands of new users. 

10Web aims to empower you to build WordPress websites instantly through AI and offers a guarantee of a 90+ PageSpeed Optimization Score. For those of you interested in a WordPress website, you’re going to want to tune in to this episode for some great takeaways.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full Episode:

  1. Discover how 10Web has automated the WordPress website process through the help of AI.
  2. Arak provides insight into the significance of PageSpeed optimization.
  3. Find out about their guarantee of a 90+ PageSpeed score.

Episode Highlights

Who is Araks Nalbandyan

    • Araks is the head of marketing at 10Web.
    • With ten years of experience in marketing, she started in social media marketing as her first love.
    • Known for bringing different and unconventional marketing approaches to life.
    • She advocates for more automation in web development.

 What inspired her to go into digital marketing

    • Araks has a Master’s in Finance and while at university, marketing inspired her.
    • She was learning management, economics, finance and accounting, and found this to be boring.
    • She decided to go into marketing as it combined two of her favorite things. There was a creative and technical side of it, so it was a perfect fit for her.

Her career

    • For the first seven years, Araks worked for various agencies.
    • She started in social media marketing, eventually moving to website content, SEO, email marketing and digital strategy.
    • She has been with 10Web for just over three years and leads the marketing team.

The vision of the company

    • WordPress presents some challenges, yet 30-40% of the market still choose WordPress.
    • 10Web has decided to address some of those challenges by making it better, simpler and more accessible through an Automated WordPress Platform.
    • Through the use of AI, you can automatically build websites, automatically optimize your existing website and get a 90+ PageSpeed Score.
    • You can also manage multiple websites from one simple and user-friendly dashboard.

Automating website building

    • When it comes to building your website, consumers and small businesses want things to be as easy and simple as possible.
    • As a result, 10Web has automated the process with the help of AI.
    • So if you like a website or wish to migrate from another platform, copy and paste the URL, and the AI will recreate the website and provide a template that you can customize.
    • It’s very user-friendly as a result of the drag and drop editor system. You can easily add or delete sections, customize the content and add your images.

PageSpeed Optimization

    • This is one of the main issues that 10Web has seen in the WordPress market.
    • Statistics have shown that websites that take longer than three seconds to load lose up to around 40% of customers right away. 
    • 10Web has created a unique solution: if your website is already in WordPress, you can download the plugin and automatically create an optimized code copy of your website.

The guarantee

    • They can guarantee a 90+ PageSpeed score. So, where a developer would do this manually over days/weeks at a high price, 10Web does this automatically.
    • If something is wrong with your website and it does not get a 90+ PageSpeed score, 10Web offers customer support to fix this.
    • There is someone that will be able to work on your website manually to give you a solution.

AI capabilities

    • Moving to WordPress from other platforms can feel impossible for many.
    • 10Web wanted to ensure that with the help of AI, anyone could move to WordPress and experience the benefits.
    • They’ve collected a lot of data and analyzed many websites so that their AI understands the segments and headings and creates the desired page.
    • The other use of AI is to have any template you want, and this can be particularly beneficial to agencies and their respective clients.

Maintenance requirements

    • If 10Web built the website, it’s automatically updated using their widgets and plugins.
    • If you’ve moved from another platform and have other plugins currently utilized, they can do an automatic security scan, schedule it, and scan all plugins for vulnerabilities.
    • This can be checked once in a while to see if there are issues.


    • 10Web provides over 30 plugins that have been in the market for a while.
    • They have their cache from their hosting site; recommended because it’s one of the features of the high page speed.
    • But there is an option to use any plugin you wish without any issues.

Most successful marketing strategy

    • Araks says that YouTube has been an incredible tool for their business as it has created a lot of organic traffic.
    • They publish a video every week and also run YouTube ads.
    • Given the complexity of their tool, video is the easiest way to explain their offering and benefits.
    • When you have something complex, it’s better to show, not tell.

Challenges as the head of marketing

    • When it comes to new companies, you need to have the ability to make quick decisions, and they need to be the right decisions.
    • If you make the wrong decisions, you need to learn from them quickly to overcome them and grow.
    • Although there is no direct competitor right now, Araks admits that the market is quite saturated, so moving fast is essential.

Three years from now

    • Araks would like them to become a billion-dollar company.
    • She’d like to relieve the stress that people, companies, and small business owners feel when it comes to websites so that they can focus on their business.

How does Araks want to be remembered?

    • Araks wants to be remembered for bringing a smile, even on stressful days.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

8:00 - ” Actually, when you get the website and start thinking it’s easy, it’s a drag and drop system. You pick the files you want and drag them to the place you want. And you can add the content right on the page. There are a lot of tutorials that you can watch online, but super easy. It’s the drag and drop method.”

12:07 – “We can now guarantee that if you migrate your website at 10Web, you will automatically get a 90 Plus PageSpeed score for your desktop and mobile.” 

24:07 – “When I was studying at the university, it was probably my lecturer, who was in marketing. I got inspired because of all the other stuff that I was learning. I was in management, and I was learning economics, finances, accounting, and I even tried accounting, but it was way too dull for me.”


About Araks Nalbandyan

Araks is in charge of 20 digital marketing experts, consisting of YouTube specialists, PR marketing professionals, and an ads team. She is an ardent believer in openness in thought and action and doesn’t shy away from giving new and sometimes counterintuitive techniques a try. Because of her willingness to experiment, she always manages to stay on top of the game. 

She fosters an omnipresent marketing strategy that reaches out to prospective customers through different and unexpected channels, advocating for more automation in web development. That way, she ensures the steady growth of the company as well as its domination of the niche “automated WordPress platforms” within the web development industry. 

Connect with Araks

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