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Episode 99

Do you believe that you only need a PR team when you are an influencer or a celebrity?

Lilian Sue became a PR coach to go beyond the usual work as a publicist and focus on empowering entrepreneurs, not just on press results. She chose to buck the industry standard and provide more personalized support because she saw that it was lacking in the industry, and creative entrepreneurs needed that support.

Through her strategic coaching program, coaching intensives, and brand new self-paced hybrid PR course, The Attraction Blueprint, she empowers creative entrepreneurs to gain the confidence to learn how to develop their successful PR campaigns. Coaching them on developing strong & healthy PR mindsets. How to use the right tools, knowledge, and resources to fulfill their goals and see them reach their fullest potential, having the confidence to conquer interviews and grow is why she loves doing what she does.

In this episode, Lilian discusses how she created a more affordable approach to providing PR support to her clients and others who know they need help with public relations but don’t fully understand it. 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete Episode:

  1. Lilian talks about how she went from social media management and copywriting to helping her clients with PR in a unique and reinvented way.
  2. We gain insight into what The Attraction Blueprint is and who needs it.
  3. Discover how accessible and in-reach PR is to everyone, even those with no current following.

Episode Highlights

Who is Lilian 

    • Lilian Sue is a PR coach and publicist out of Vancouver, Canada.
    • She started in social media and copywriting, but the demand for PR made her pivot.
    • Creator and founder of The Attraction Blueprint empower creative entrepreneurs to gain the confidence to learn how to develop their successful PR campaigns.

Closing the gap for her clients

    • Due to the high demand for PR services, Lilian learned more about the service.
    • Once she had developed knowledge with PR, she realized she could shake up the way she provided the service to her clients.
    • Lilian began to brainstorm ways to serve others who didn’t quite understand the service or couldn’t afford it. 

What is a PR Campaign 

    • PR is a strategy that essentially positions your brand and the story you have to share the right way.
    • PR helps you gain brand awareness, enables you to build your reputation, and hopefully, increase sales for service and product-based entrepreneurs.

When PR should matter

    • Positioning yourself should take place before you launch a service and product.
    • The secondary part of PR should begin once you decide where your story needs to go.
    • Conducting research ahead of your launch will help you decipher your strategy and psychology for your launch.

Measuring the success of your campaign

    • Campaign results depend on what your goals are. 
    • Be sure to promote and bring awareness to what you are trying to achieve through PR.
    • Success comes with consistency in obtaining interviews, reviews, and press coverage.
    • The power of PR is getting in front of an unbiased press engaged with your story.

Requirements for PR

    • There is a misconception that you need to spend $30-500K to have a successful PR campaign
    • There are no criteria you have to climb, and entrepreneurs need to scale.
    • When beginning your campaign with a small following, you must start small and scale.

PR with intention

    • Determine your three-month, six-month, and one-year goals along with positioning.
    • Document where you are now and what you are currently doing in marketing. 
    • If you aren’t meeting your goals, you need to add diversity to your strategy. 

How Lilian’s PR differs from others

    • The difference is to obtain earned media vs. paid media.
    • Doing your research and sticking within your industry, in the beginning, is a great way to gain traction.
    • Find local agencies who have supported others in your industry, and then go global. 

Digging into PR with Lilian

    • Lilian has a “Start Here” guide on her website full of resources to help creatives and entrepreneurs get started with PR.
    • Use Lilian’s mindset guide to help you wrap your head around PR and how to move forward with this new information.
    • You can also book a call with Lilian to dig deeper into your campaign ideas and questions. 

How does Lilian want to be remembered?

    • Lilian would want people to remember her for her tenacity in empowering people to fulfill their fullest potential.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

6:52 – “It’s a strategy that essentially positions your brand, and the story that you have to share, the right way, and by doing that, it allows you to connect with the media, the right people, the right way in order to amplify your message.”

12:00 – “…I believe that you know, the real power of PR comes from consistency. Are you consistently getting that interview or getting that review or whatever that piece of press coverage is, in front of the right people on social media, through email, through your website, to help drive traffic to the places that you want it to go?”

12:42 – “…the power of PR, Darrell, I find that makes it really unique, is that it is the best way to get in front of unbiased third-party supporters in the media without having to pay for it. And that’s how you know, it’s unbiased. Because these are people who have no association with you. You’re not related to them. You’re not paying them for anything, but they see your project, and they get engaged with your story.”


About Lilian Sue

Lilian is a long-time PR coach and publicist who focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs fulfill their full potential to become global industry leaders by building a healthy PR mindset above any strategy. It’s something that she’s passionate about because she’s seen the positive impacts of what she’s been able to do, thanks to mindset work and coaching. 

Lilian completely changed how she does business better to serve clients at different points of their businesses. It’s helped her move past limiting beliefs to show up in an authentic way to provide value to clients in the best way possible.


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