How to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Productivity

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Episode 239

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and out of control in your day-to-day life? In this episode, we explore ways to overcome overwhelm and increase productivity. Darrell shares his insights on the benefits of delegation, elimination, and automation to increase productivity.
Overwhelmed can be your silent productivity killer, but you can choose to avoid that and take control. Now is the time to address your productivity woes.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You'll hear how to declutter your brain and schedule from overwhelm.
  2. Find out the top strategies to maximize your productivity
  3. Learn how to be lazy-productive and leverage your life and business.

Episode Highlights 

Why do people feel overwhelmed and out of control
    • People often turn their attention to other people's needs.
    • As a result, they over-commit to what their energy can take.
    • We need to make intentional decisions on what to focus on. 
Delegate: the first strategy to maximize your productivity
    • You need to delegate to people and process.
    • Create an out-of-office message.
    • Focus on your $1000 task and ask for assistance for the $5 task.
Eliminate: the second strategy to maximize your productivity
    • Remove the things that don't need your attention.
    • Use the delete, unsubscribe, or ignore it practice.
    • Eliminate things to be more committed to your purpose and mission.
Automate: The third strategy to maximize your productivity
    • Utilize technology and software tools to do the heavy lifting.
    • Deploy automation in different areas of business.
    • Enjoy being lazy-productive with automation.
    • Set up a process that will make your life easier.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

05:59 - "We always feel like it's required that we respond right away. No, it's only required to respond when you're prepared."
07:29 - "I eliminate anything that doesn't need my attention. Eliminate is also the word I use for delete, unsubscribe, or completely say I ignore it."
13:37 - "We burn ourselves thin because we don't use the leverage available. The people around us, the tools around us, the technology around us."

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