Is Email Marketing Dead? (Uh, No. Here’s Why.)

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It seems with all of the popular digital marketing channels available today, everyone is wondering is email marketing dead?

Let’s be clear.

Email marketing is NOT dead!

If it was, we wouldn’t be seeing open rates ranging from 25%-58% long after someone has opted in.

Like you, I hear all the noise.


  • Google’s promotions tab is filtering email (true)
  • Messenger bots open rates are 90%+ (true)
  • No one is reading email anymore (really?)

If you believe email marketing is dead, then it will be true in your reality.

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Until and unless email service providers stop DELIVERING EMAIL, then email isn’t dead.

Like it or not:

Open (and engagement) rates are on YOU, my friend.

Think about this…

What is your prospect’s immediate reaction when they see an email FROM YOU in their inbox?

Do they think…

What are they trying to sell me now?


Do they think…

I wonder what advice, tips, and strategy are they sharing with me now.

See the contrast?

If you sell a high ticket, discretionary, typically long sales cycle product or service, an email’s job is to BE A HELPFUL RESOURCE.

Email marketing is the long game.

To keep it simple, the BANT formula (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing) still applies regardless of what HubSpot says.

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Play it right and you’ll win.

So what’s working or not working for you in email marketing? Let me know in the comments below and let’s discuss.

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