Mastering Operational Skills as the CEOs Right Hand with Sarah Guidas

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 Episode 267
Do you want to master your operational skills and be your CEO's trusted right hand to transform the business vision into high-level growth and success? Unlock the secrets to excelling as an Integrator with systems and operations expert Sarah Guidas. Discover essential skills and insights on this episode!
Sarah Guides understands the importance of the number 2 role in a company's overall growth. Her transition from COO to CEO of 2nd-In-Command Academy allows her to support her fellow integrators in transforming their CEO's businesses into a team-ran company and achieve success with streamlined operations. And so, if you're seeking killer skills to support your CEO in making things happen and creating a ripple effect of freedom, focus, and reaching big-picture goals.
In this episode, we cover:
  • Sarah's operations in business career growth.
  • Handling the chaos in business operations.
  • Key traits for second-in-command role.
  • The relationship between integrators and visionary.
  • Training and coaching the second-in-command for leadership roles.
  • Recruitment perspective and leading international team.
  • Learn what to expect inside the 2nd-In-Command Academy.
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3 Powerful Quotes from Sarah Guidas

04:00 - "The last six years is when I realized, Oh, operations is an actual role, and it's this kind of silent killer skill that I had, that I didn't realize was such an asset to companies and to growth into structure and scalability."
14:12 - "When you are a second-in-command, you're dealing with fires, like we talked about all the time. And that has to be a person that has a presence of cool, calm and collected while being able to work really quickly."
25:21 - "The most important part, though, is once they have that offer letter and they've signed it, they have a start date, making sure that their onboarding process is great because that's what's gonna help go toward the retention."

About Sarah Guidas

After owning the 2nd-in-command role at three $1M+ businesses over 8 years, Sarah Guidas founded the 2nd-In-Command Academy as a space that specifically caters to the unique challenges integrators face. From COO to CEO, Sarah is now on a mission to teach integrators to help transform their CEO's businesses into a team-run companies and achieve success with streamlined operations.
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