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Episode 251

Are you looking for good laughs while learning about entrepreneurship in a podcast? Then, this is an episode you don’t want to miss! Santiago “Santi” Maxwell is the co-founder of All Gas No Breaks Podcast, a podcast based out of the Washington DC Metro Area that highlights entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses. 

Santiago Maxwell is an experienced marketing executive and audio engineer. He is a performance-driven, unrelenting sales and marketing powerhouse well-versed in creating meaningful partnerships with an energized desire to assist others in marketing their business and brands. Listen to Santi’s fascinating podcast journey and the valuable lessons that have shaped his passion for comedy and making an impact on entrepreneurship.


Episode Highlights:

  • Santi’s background and involvement in audio and music.
  • The feeling of being an artist vs. handling artists.
  • Educating the local youth about entrepreneurship.
  • Advantages of an audio engineering degree in building a successful podcast.
  • Injecting a good dose of humor into entrepreneurship.
  • Building community through the show, making an impact & influence.
  • Repurposing different kinds of content from the podcast.
  • Expanding the AGNB podcast outside DMV.

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3 Powerful Quotes from Santiago "Santi" Maxwell

12:15 - “No one really helps the youth in our local area that has the entrepreneurial spirit, have a platform, to educate them on how to speak in front of a camera within a studio, when the lights on, I mean everything, and that was the goal to help the youth to do that.”

22:41 - “I'm just tapped into the energy of what's going on. Comically I feel it. So I put out what makes me laugh, and then I have my guys, and my gal put the stuff that makes them laugh, which makes other people laugh.”

40:33 - “If you're going to call yourself an entrepreneur, and you're not out there talking about what you're doing, no one's ever gonna know.”


About Santiago Maxwell

A Washington DC metro area resident for over 20 years, Santiago “Santi” Maxwell, has gained a business degree from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business, and an Audio Engineering Degree from Full Sail University. Santiago is the co-founder and co-host of the All Gas, No Breaks podcast. All Gas No Breaks Podcast highlights entrepreneurs, content creators, and businesses in the Washington DC metro area, the "DMV."


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