The 3 Top Digital Marketing Skills You Must Have in 2023

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Episode 237

Looking to level up your digital marketing game? You may be a marketer or a business owner who wants to stay on track with the business and technology. You are on the right track! 

In this episode, we will expose the most important marketing skills you need to be a successful digital marketer today. Don't be stuck in your way in the world of digital. Arm yourself with knowledge and ride the wave of the digital marketing evolution.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You'll learn the current state of the digital marketing landscape.
  2. Discover what matters in your marketing.
  3. Find out simple and sophisticated strategies that you can follow to grow your business.

Episode Highlights

 The number one skill is critical thinking

    • The marketing world is no longer linear.
    • People follow the checklist but have no ability to analyze and evaluate data.
    • Marketers need to understand and interpret feedback.
    • Marketing is an experiment.
    • Critical thinking and strategy are everything.

The number two skill is creative problem solving

    • Think of new ways to solve the problem.
    • There isn't one answer to any one problem.
    • Revisit the available data, evaluate, and choose the best option. 

The number three skill is agility

    • Utilize the capabilities of software like Chat GPT to save time.
    • Being able to adapt to change in the digital landscape.

Privacy is a big deal

    • Google will stop tracking cookies in the browser.
    • For Marketers, it means less data and measuring will be less certain.
    • Video is becoming important.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

03:20 - "A lot of times, marketers do not understand how to interpret the feedback. In fact, they look at the data, and they actually don't even know what some of the data means. "

07:55 - "We're not coming up with new solutions that have never existed before. It's literally just going back to the toolbox and figuring out what else is in the toolbox that will help us get to the end result."

08:46 - "By being able to be agile over the last 120 days to figure out chat GPT's capabilities and what it can do to help me save time. I was able to shave off eight hours from a project that historically would have taken me 12 hours."


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