The Biggest Trap Entrepreneurs Face

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Episode 173

Is your entrepreneurial journey becoming more than you bargained for? Maybe you had no idea what to expect, and now you aren’t sure if you should keep going. In this episode from Pat Mancuso’s  The Success Ascent Podcast, Pat and I discuss the struggles and lessons learned in my entrepreneurial journey and how I use those to help other entrepreneurs succeed. This episode is for you if you struggle to receive advice and need a little mindset refresher from an experienced entrepreneur who has learned from their mistakes.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode: 

  1. Discover how Darrell’s Mindshift Framework has helped him and hundreds of other businesses market profitably and grow sales predictably.
  2. Learn how Darrell’s past mistakes have helped him become a better entrepreneur.
  3. Find out how Darrell uses Superstar DNA to build efficient and lasting teams.

Episode Highlights

Darrell’s entrepreneurial mindset journey

    • Darrell started thinking about entrepreneurship during his teenage years, and this was further fueled by his interest in magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Inc, business opportunity, etc.
    • Darrell had his first job early on, which helped him understand businesses.
    • There wasn’t any specific reason he was drawn to entrepreneurship, but it caught his attention, and he followed it.

Darrell’s first entrepreneurial experience and guidance

    • At the age of 20, Darrell started his first entrepreneurial experience by selling sportswear out of the trunk of his car at a swap meet.
    • He learned that he could make more money on the weekend than working all week, which motivated him to continue pursuing entrepreneurship.
    • Darrell’s guidance came from early books he read by authors such as Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and Les Brown.

Lessons Darrell has learned as an entrepreneur 

    • As an entrepreneur, it is important to be good at keeping commitments.
    • One of entrepreneurs’ biggest traps is thinking they have to do everything themselves.
    • It is necessary to get help as early and often as possible.
    • Entrepreneurs need to understand their areas of natural ability and focus on those areas. Darrell refers to this as their Superstar DNA.

The struggle of hiring people 

    • As an entrepreneur, it is important to learn how to hire people effectively to create a successful business.
    • Hiring should be done with the intention of finding people who are gifted and talented at the required task and who also align with the company’s vision.
    • It is also important to paint a picture for potential hires of where the company will go to attract motivated employees.

Darrell’s biggest mistakes as an entrepreneur

    • Hire early and often, and get help to decide which role you should play in the business.
    • E Myth taught Darrell that it’s important to know your lane.
    • It’s also important to have a sales system that runs consistently.
    • Currently, with technology and automation, there are things that even startup entrepreneurs can do to get leverage, time efficiency, and operational efficiency.
    • An entrepreneur’s biggest mistake is ignoring their intuition when it says something is a bad idea.

Darrell’s Mindshift Method

    • Darrell created The MindShift Method to help people shift their mindset and change the trajectory of their lives. 
    • The method is based on the idea that we all encounter two journeys in life: from inspiration to realization and then from failure to breakthrough. 
    • To make a breakthrough, we first have to become peaceful with the facts (step one), make new decisions (step two), have a plan (step three), and then commit to making it happen (step four).

The entrepreneurial challenges of today

    • Entrepreneurs are facing many interesting challenges post-COVID.
    • It is a good time to be an entrepreneur because many people are shifting out of the workforce.
    • We are learning that less is better when deciding what adjustments to make.
    • Entrepreneurs need to stop majoring in minor things and focus on where the customers are most likely to be ready to buy.

The best and worst advice Darrell has received

    • The best advice Darrell has received is to build his business as if he was going to sell it, regardless of whether or not he wants to sell it.
    • The worst advice Darrell has received is to “stay in his lane” and do things the way others have done them.

Final thoughts from Darrell

    • Darrell believes entrepreneurship is a great gift that allows for time, financial, and lifestyle freedom.
    • The best way to grow a business is by giving people what they want.
    • Creating jobs is a great way to bless communities and families.

3 Powerful Quotes

8:15 – “For whatever a book costs, you can let someone else’s lessons feed into your pathway and understanding. At the very least, that’s what entrepreneurs should be doing.” – Darrell Evans

19:33 – “It’s not about perfection; it’s about acknowledgment. It’s having awareness and acknowledgment of when you’re veering off the path.” – Darrell Evans

22:50 “If you’re going to succeed, you know that the work has to get done no matter how you feel.” – Darrell Evans


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