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Episode 220 & 221


Do you want to learn a simple way to elevate your brand awareness online? You may be a business owner who wants to market your brand and use online advertising without breaking the bank. If so, this episode is for you!
In this episode, I will share a social media advertising technique that I develop and use to build brand awareness and connect with the target market right away. The best part is that listening to and learning these golden lessons will not cost you a fortune!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Discover how to raise brand awareness with $1 a day.
  2. Learn Darrell's ATM strategy and why it matters.
  3. Find out how to interpret your ad metrics and see real results.

Episode Highlights

The backstory of how Yokel Local helps businesses
  • Companies come to Yokel Local because they lack a clear strategy.
  • First, we help them create the strategy.
  • Second, we teach them the skills needed in the strategy.
  • Third, we help companies structure their execution.
  • Fourth, we drive return on investment (ROI) to the business.
Why ATM strategy matter
  • More and more businesses are competing for the ad dollar online.
  • The true impact of Apple IOS update on Facebook ads.
  • Browser cookies will soon be mandated.
  • The ability to track customer behavior online is getting diluted.
The ATM Strategy
  • Step one, get people's attention.
  • Step two is the power of getting them to spend time on your brand.
  • Step three, bring in and make money.
Three types of content
  • Empowering content.
  • Educational content.
  • Entertaining content.
What are the things you need in this process
  • Educational or empowering content to promote.
  • Know your target market.
  • Have $1 a day.
  • Audience remarketing.
How the Super Bowl connected to $1 a day strategy
  • Brands pay $6M to $7M on a 32-second ad spot for $105M eyeballs.
  • $1 a day is a way to run ads for your brand on autopilot that never have to be turned off.
Draft technique plus a $1-a-day strategy
  • Use a quote from someone who is already selling and has the attention of your target audience.
  • Run a $1-a-day ad on the quote content.
  • Check the metrics.
  • Use empowering/educational content and retarget people who engage in the previous ad.
  • Rule of thumb, run the ads for 2-3 weeks and switch them out.
Expert Cast Ad Example
  • One product and a simple ad.
  • Get people's Attention: introduce some concepts of the product.
  • Target the audience: build audience stacks for your ad.
Television Ads
  • Television uses Cost Per Impression or CPM.
  • CPM is around $36 to reach 1000 people.
  • The impression doesn't mean interacting with the ad; it means it passes their eye space.
How metrics are interpreted
  • The number of people fully consuming the content. 
  • Platforms care about keeping people on the site with stuff they engage in.
  • We are 2% of the people who stick around to watch the full video.
What's in the Ads industry today
  • All ads today are on the creative or the ad itself, not the targeting, because it's going to be controlled by AI in the near future.
When is the best time to start this Ad strategy
  • There are a lot of entrepreneurs now who are in fear mode.
  • People are being conservative and pulling away capital.
  • The supply is high, and prices go down.
  • Now is the best time to start the ad strategy.
What ad campaign to run
  • Run an engagement campaign because it can optimize the content.
  • Don't run a traffic campaign until you have a lot of website traffic and unclosed buyers.
  • The trap of conversion on engagement campaigns.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

08:52 - “It's getting harder and harder to get conversions because, in a way, Facebook is blind to your behavior after you and I leave the platform and go over to the website.”
14:32 - “They're buying how you think about your process, about how you can solve their problem.”
58:56 - “Recession is personal. It's not global. What does the recession mean to you will govern your decisions.”

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