How to Attract More High Quality Leads

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Episode 234 & 235

Do you hate selling, or are you just not confident that your product/service is the solution your potential customer is looking for? You see, attracting high-quality leads is easier once you understand this concept in marketing.
Join me as I share how to identify the number one problem that the customer wants to solve. We'll dive into the dark roots of your customers' sleepless nights to get crystal clear clarity on their concerns and use that information to provide transformation in their life.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You'll hear how to meet the potential customers where they are.
  2. Learn to have a competitive advantage.
  3. Find out how to create messaging that cuts right through the noise of your competitors.

Episode Highlights

The reason why Darrell never sold anything
    • Customers willingly give money for the product and service they want.
    • You just need to identify the problem they want to solve.
    • Then, provide a product or service as a solution to their problem.
Taking a walk on a busy street scenario
    • People have often resented an offer or invitation.
    • Most people don't step up to take the offer or invitation.
How human behavior affects their decisions
    • The Pain Pleasure Principle
    • Human desires to move towards pleasure.
    • Painkillers vs. Vitamins principle analogy
    • People respond to messages that help them minimize pain.
What are the human motivators
    • Need, acceptance, fear, health, impulse, financial gain, and aspiration.
    • People need motivators for different things.
    • You need to identify the primary driver of your product and service.
11 o'clock exercise
    • Think about your ideal customer.
    • At 11 o'clock at night, they are sleepless.
    • They have a problem, and it's bothering them.
    • They avoid it because they don't know how to solve it.
    • Identify what is keeping them awake. What is the problem?
    • Articulate the problem as good as the customers are thinking about it.
    • The level of awareness of your potential customer: problem/pain aware or solution aware. 
What is the problem that has your customers Googling
    • The cost of the product and service.
    • The risk and safety.
5 questions to understand what the customer is going through
    • One, what do they really want?
    • Two, why do they want it?
    • Three, what is currently standing in their way of getting it?
    • Four, what don't they know?
    • Five, what are the consequences of them not getting what they want?
Unconscious incompetence of potential customers 
    • You don't know what you don't know.
    • Be careful in your marketing because it might turn people off.
    • Bring them to a level of awareness and clarity.
    • Shine as an expert, and build authority and trust.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

13:38 - "Large majority of your prospects or prospective customers will, in fact, respond to a message that will help them avoid pain."
33:49 - "It was the why was important to me that I made a certain amount of income. It is I broke down the layers, and if you ask that four or five times, you're gonna get someone to get out of their head and get into their heart."
41:28 - "When you have the right opportunity to insert what they don't know and bring them to a level of awareness and clarity. It's almost like printing money."

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