A New Way to Achieve Financial Freedom with Anthony Faso

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Episode 12

Faced with doubt and concern over his clients and his family’s financial future, Anthony Faso opened his mind to new ways to achieve financial freedom without the risk of Wall Street.

Anthony Faso is a self-proclaimed “Recovering CPA.”

After the last economic session, a conversation with one of his clients left him questioning everything he’s been taught and told about achieving financial freedom.

He shifted his mind, studied the wealthy and discovered a new way to help his clients and his family.



Topics discussed on the show:

    • The day he questioned everything he had been taught
    • The goal you should focus on to achieve financial freedom
    • Strategies the wealthy know that you need to know
    • The formula for financial freedom
    • 3 reasons for “not putting money” in your 401k is wrong
    • The #1 Asset You Can Ever Invest In
    • Why you should start a business
    • Should you buy or lease your car and how to negotiate the best deal
    • 15yr or 30yr mortgage: Which is best?
    • A quick breakdown of Anthony’s recommended “Tier of Assets”

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Resources mentioned:

Infinite Wealth Course
Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
The Cash Flow Quadrant


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Darrell Evans is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and Co-founder/CEO of Yokel Local Digital Marketing Agency. He and his teams have helped businesses generate over $300M+ in revenue online. Every month, he leads virtual workshops teaching actionable strategies and tips from his experience helping companies market, grow, and scale.