Arivee Vargas on Empowering Women of Color to Live Life on Their Terms

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Episode 241

Do you want a clear picture of what you need and want in this season of your life? You're in luck! Arivee Vargas, a coach to high-achieving women, shares how coaching can provide a safe and empowering space for women to navigate challenges, overcome barriers, and unleash their full potential.
Arivee Vargas is a proud daughter of Dominican immigrants, a lawyer, HR leader, podcast host, and a High Performance and Life coach for women. She coaches first-generation and women of color professionals at personal and career crossroads to move forward with clarity and confidence. 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You'll hear how coaching can bring the best answers within you.
  2. Learn the difference between a coach and a mentor.
  3. Find out what Arivee's 4A Framework looks like.

Episode Highlights

The story behind how Arivee and Darrell met
    • They met at an event called HPX Live last February 2020.
    • Breakout groups are a powerful way to connect and meet people.
Who is Arivee Vargas
    • Arivee Vargas is a mother and a high-performance and life coach focusing on women of color.
    • The host of the Humble Rising Podcast.
    • She is also a senior director in HR at a Biotech company.
Arivee Vargas Background
    • Being the daughter of Dominican immigrants, Arivee struggles with her identity.
    • She felt the need to always prove herself and her worth.
    • Her family taught her work ethics and values of humility.
    • She is one of the few Latina Lawyers in the space. 
How Arivee became a coach
    • Arivee encounters an identity crisis after giving birth to her children.
    • She started digging into personal development.
    • Ended up getting coached and saw the impact of coaching on her life and career.
What triggers Arivee to reach out to a coach
    • She had enough to figure things out on her own.
    • There was a sense of urgency.
    • She needs someone to partner with and help her.
Why did Arivee choose to be an attorney
    • Arivee's initial thought is being a professor in sociology.
    • She doesn't want to have a poor relationship with money.
    • She entered law school not knowing what it meant for her. 
The difference between a mentor and a coach
    • You go to a mentor for guidance and advice based on their experience.
    • A coach's job is to bring out the best answers that are already within you.
Arivee's 4A Framework
    • Accessing where you are in life and in terms of satisfaction.
    • Activate the core values, sense of meaning, purpose, and strengths.
    • Ask about your vision for your life.
    • Align thoughts with actions. 
Questions to ask yourself to have clarity
    • First, find a quiet space and ask yourself:
    • What do I need right now?
    • What's one step I can take to figure this out right now?
    • How will that help me to get to figure this out?
    • What do I want the most at this moment?

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

18:54 - "It was a sense of urgency, a sense of what's at stake if I don't do this."
27:37 - "The idea there is that the best answers are already within you, and the coach's job is to get them out of view so you can see them for yourself."
35:51 - "One of the biggest shifts you have to make in terms of your mindset is accepting that's the season you're in."

About Arivee Vargas

Arivee Vargas is a lawyer and a certified High-Performance and Life coach. She's the Founder of Humble Rising LLC, which aims to motivate and inspire women to pursue a life and career that aligns with who they truly are and what they need in their current season or stage of life.
Arivee is also the host of the Humble Rising Podcast, aiming to help women step into their power to create the life and career they want and deserve. Arivee interviews women of color professionals on her podcast, sharing how they've navigated careers and life to feel more joy and fulfillment.

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