Avoid These 4 Mistakes To Accelerate Business Growth

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Episode 233

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to profitable business growth? You're in luck! In this episode, Darrell teams up with an expert panel to share the four mistakes that stop businesses from growing. 
Darrell Evans, Crista Grasso, Annie P. Ruggles, and Marcia Riner reveal their game-changer tips to help you get started and move the needle forward to the path of explosive profit. From vision to visible action, this episode will guide your business to accelerate now.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Learn how to focus on the right things that drive business success.
  2. Hear our powerhouse experts share top strategies to accelerate and elevate your business.
  3. You'll have an actionable guide to profitable business growth.

Episode Highlights

The biggest mistake that businesses make when it comes to Focus
    • Crista says the biggest problem is having no clarity on what to focus on.
    • Business owners need to get crystal clear on what the vision is for the business.
    • The next-level vision will help the business focus on the 20% that drives 80% action.
3 Facets that every next-level vision needs
    • One, you need a vision for the business itself.
    • Two, identify your role and the amount of time you put into the business.
    • Three, identify your customer of tomorrow.
The biggest mistake that businesses make in Lead Generation
    • Darrell enumerates the myths of lead generation.
    • The biggest mistake is the business is not visible in plain sight.
    • He explains the Iceberg Theory in generating customer leads.
    • Building a relationship in advance.
How to be known and be visible
    • The $ 1-a-day social media advertising system.
    • Get in front of the 90% of people who may have not even yet begun the journey to your product or service.
    • Build brand relationships and generate consistent leads. 
The biggest mistake that businesses make when it comes to Conversion
    • Annie highlights that conversion needs to be actionable.
    • The main problem is misleading people into a "curiosity call" or "clarity call."
    • Know, Like, and Trust is critical in your business conversion.
    • Call the actual call what it really is.
    • Setting up an ecosystem of sales.
The biggest mistake that businesses make when it comes to Profit
    • Marcia and her clients found that spending time on activities that don't make a profit is the problem.
    • The driver of profit should be at the forefront.
What are the small incremental changes that drive explosive profit
    • First, have people and processes in place.
    • Second, focus on your leads to conversion.
    • Third, improve your closing rate.
    • Fourth, nurture and build relationships with existing clients.
    • Fifth, the average price per sale.
    • Sixth, focus on managing your cost. 
What is the next actionable step to accelerate business growth
    • Use and implement the step-by-step guide for profitable business growth.
    • Attend the Accelerator Now event. 

4 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

04:28 - "When you have a really clear vision, what I call a next level of vision, that's going to help you focus on and really get clear on what that 20% is that's going to drive the 80% of actions that you want." - Crista Grasso
13:17 - "The way to generate leads is to build a relationship in advance of the need that they may have." - Darrell Evans
18:28 - "By calling it a curiosity call, a clarity call, or a free consultation. We're not incenting them to give up their most precious resource, which is actually not their money. It's their time." - Annie P. Ruggles
24:01 - "There are hundreds and hundreds of ideas and revenue generators that can boost revenue. But the biggest problem is how you're running your business and the costs." - Marcia Riner

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