Climbing The Corporate Ladder of Success with Lois Haycock

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Episode 18

Lois Haycock is a 30+ year retail and e-commerce veteran specializing in project management and business analysis of customer-facing systems and software in male-dominated industries. 

After raising her kids, Lois found herself back in the chase up the corporate ladder in male-dominated industries and is successful. 

She believes it may be harder today than when she came up through the ranks because of the information era. There are almost too many options and it can become paralyzing for anyone (especially women) who feel as though they have to be a certain way in order to be successful. 


In this show, we discussed: 

    • How women sabotage themselves
    • Not settling after 3 kids after divorce
    • The issue of confidence
    • How to stop disqualifying yourself when you know you can do it
    • The real gender gap
    • How to succeed in male-dominated industries
    • Priority driven tasks
    • The big shift in learning how to play the game 

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