Fighting Fires with First Responder, Nino Galloway

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Being with purpose. End with Gratitude.

Nino Galloway


Episode 6

What does it take to run into a burning building when everyone else if running out? How does someone stay motivated to do the hard work in service when they are also putting their life on the line.

Today’s guest is Nino Galloway, a 27-year veteran of the North Las Vegas Fire Department in southern Nevada.


During the show, we discussed:

    • What’s it really like to run into a burning building when others are running the other way
    • Why he still does it after 20 years
    • Why did he start The Burn Foundation for victims after the fire
    • How he caught the entrepreneurial bug
    • What being “a charity grinder” really means to him.
    • and much more…


Resources Mentioned:

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