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Episode 256

Are you still waiting for your retirement to happen and enjoy the life of your dreams? Maybe you are someone who is struggling with energy, confidence and overwhelm. Well, wait no more because Laurie Rock, a former overweight executive/mom, is on a mission to empower women with the gift of confidence and joy in their own skin through her Thriving Woman Method.
In this episode, Laurie shares her remarkable journey from burnout to body-mind-soul revival and how she is passionately inspiring and helping women to live their true essence with confidence and joy. If you are ready to transform and step into the confident and vibrant woman inside you. Tune in!
Topics Covered:
  • The inspiration behind Laurie's work.
  • Having the emotional weight that leads to spiritual breakdown and awakening.
  • Transformation through connecting to a vision.
  • Getting people to the true essence of what they want.
  • Different types of tools to step into the present moment.
  • Building a tiny house and living a life by design.
  • Appreciation training to level up the energy, confidence, and connection.
  • Creating and sustaining the vibrancy in life.
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3 Powerful Quotes from Laurie Rock

14:26 - "Transformation to me is not just pushing against or striving. It's connecting to a vision that aligns with what you want."
24:08 - "For all the women out there, especially women over 45 or any age, you can have it all without doing it all, and it can be yours. It's so possible."
44:17 - "Do whatever it takes to become a role model and create a ripple effect in this world because you don't know who is watching you or the influence you are having."

About Laurie Rock

With over 25 years of experience in holistic health, including roles as a holistic RN and health care executive and a decade as a successful entrepreneur, Laurie Rock's holistic success and weight loss coaching are nothing short of transformational.
Through her THRIVING WOMAN METHOD, she helps you finally release the weight, rekindle the spark for life, reshape self-sabotaging patterns, and awaken body confidence and MOJO.
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