Take Control of Your Health (Willpower and Motivation not required)

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Episode 147

Are you ready to take control of your health?

Have you been told your body isn’t capable of certain things? Maybe you didn’t grow up as an athlete, so you tell yourself you can’t work or be athletic in adulthood. If you feel there is no hope for you to take control of your health, you’re in luck!

Tracy Hill gives women, in particular, clarity on WHY their health matters. What it means to them specifically so that it resonates & aligns with what they want, and the power to recognize, erase & replace the old non-serving thoughts that keep her stuck from staying consistent & getting results in her body.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

    1. You will learn more about the process that Tracy works people through to help them overcome limiting beliefs about their bodies.
    2. Tracy breaks down her master neuro coaching.
    3. Find out how your subconscious thoughts affect you 80%-90% of the day.

Episode Highlights

Who is Tracy Hill

    • Tracy helps frustrated women regain confidence, purpose, and passion in their bodies through proven brain science without the need for willpower or motivation.
    • She’s a doctor of physical therapy and a certified master neuro coach.

Tracy’s role as a Doctor of Physical Therapy

    • She wants to get to the source of her patient’s pain as a therapist.
    • So many people have limiting beliefs about their bodies.
    • Because of limiting beliefs, people will not stick with it, which breaks Tracy’s heart.
    • We don’t realize subconscious thoughts are running the show and are affecting our health.

What health really is 

    • Health is more than just eating salad, restricting ourselves, and hustling until we’re puking. 
    • Health is knowing when you aren’t taking care of yourself and don’t feel your best.
    • It is the big picture of how we find success.

Becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy 

    • Tracy jokes that she got started by accident.
    • When running a marathon, she was injured. Her physical therapist gave her hope and taught her how to continue running safely.
    • She doesn’t like how restrictive medical school beliefs are and wants to learn and teach others how their bodies work.

What most people believe

    • Most people believe they do not have time.
    • They think because of their stop-start cycle, and they will continue getting injured the same way.
    • They are overwhelmed with current responsibilities.

Changing your life with 10 minutes a day

    • Most people don’t think 10 minutes of exercise daily will make a difference.
    • It’s going to prove to your brain and your body that you are someone that can show up consistently, even on hectic days.
    • It also proves that you don’t have to have willpower and grind through your workouts.

Tracy’s Process

    • First, she walks them through a process of all of these thoughts that come up because they have to recognize them.
    • Your subconscious beliefs run 80% to 90% of what you do daily.
    • To get it out of their subconscious, she has her clients write it down on paper to get it out of their brains.
    • When you see these thoughts on paper, it kind of makes you feel gross inside.
    • She then has her clients refute these thoughts with a list of questions.
    • After this is complete, she helps them start replacing the lies with the truth.

Breaking down Master Neuro Coaching

    • Tracy hired a business coach, Dr. Shannon Irvine.
    • She realized Dr. Irvine’s teaching was what she did with her patients, but she didn’t have a word for it.
    • Dr. Irvine helped Tracy realize she needed to get her subconscious program of health garbage out of our heads and actually hardwire a program for success.

Limitless Health Podcast

    • The name originated because we put many limits on ourselves and our health because of our subconscious thoughts.
    • The podcast breaks down walls of limits to help you meet your body where it is. 

What Tracy would like to be remembered for

    • Tracy would like to be remembered for her desire to give people the opportunity to enjoy their lives and move their bodies in a way that’s successful so they can live the best life possible.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

18:22 – “It’s the consistency and proving to yourself that you can work out for 10 minutes a day, for you to not have the willpower and grind through it.

25:33 – “There’s a lot about positive affirmations nowadays, but if your subconscious is like, ‘you liar, no, you’re not’, it’s going to sabotage you before you start.

34:46– “You might have had limits put on you by a doctor, family member, or a childhood friend, but we don’t have to live in those limits.


About Tracy Hill

Tracy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Master Neuro Coach. She has been practicing Physical Therapy since 2006 but recently shifted into an online health coaching space when she saw a missing link in health. 

Tracy began working with postpartum women but realized how frustrated, and overwhelmed women were in taking control of their health to stay consistent and successful. She saw the struggle for women to stay consistent and feel good in their bodies while handling the life challenges that always stand in the way. After going through her life journey of leaving an alcoholic, she saw how this was the moment when most people would quit on their health, but instead, she saw how important it was during this time. 

Tracy now uses the blend of movement science with brain science to uncover the source of what keeps women stuck and searching for more motivation to get to the root cause of the limitations and help her find lasting success in her body.


Connect with Tracy Hill

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