From Professional Fighter to Land Dealer: P.J. Reilly's Unconventional Career Journey

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Episode 223 

Have you ever thought about how a piece of dirt can be a profitable business? P.J. Reilly is in the dirt game, buying and selling land all over the country. A great business opportunity that anyone can be a part of! In this episode, hear how he turned an identity crisis into a thriving business.
P.J. Reilly is the founder and CEO of Wholesale Land USA. He uses the simplicity of land to his advantage and makes it his business to buy and sell land in rural residential areas. P.J.'s personality brings fire and incredible energy throughout our conversation as he shares how he uses his time and shifts his career and life altogether.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Learn how a YouTube video changes P.J.'s career. 
  2. Find out where to buy good land deals and how to sell them in 20 minutes.
  3. Discover P.J.'s strategy for automating his dirt-selling business.


Episode Highlights

Who is P.J. Reilly
  • P.J. Reilly is the Founder and CEO of Wholesale Land USA.
  • He is working on large deals turning dirt into cash.
  • P.J. is also the host of The Land Life podcast.
P.J. Reilly backstory
  • P.J. was on the Dean's list in both high school and college.
  • He sells insurance and personal training, and he has been a fighter for a long time.
  • His first business idea is a credit card swiping machine for a police car.
How P.J. got into the land dealer business
  • He first heard of the $1 houses and learned that it was a terrible business idea.
  • P.J. watch a video of a guy talking about land buying and selling on YouTube.
  • He bought two properties from the guy for $1100 and sold each at $1500.
  • He explained the 500 deals and land investing.
Why P.J. is restless in his career and life
  • He experienced being broke every single month.
  • P.J. is constantly searching for his purpose.
  • Family is his driving force to do something to lead the way. 
What kind of fighter is P.J. Reilly
  • P.J. did boxing, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai.
  • He was on The World Combat League T.V. show.
  • A total of 50 fights, from local bar fights to NBC Sports Night.
What is the opportunity for land investing
  • Less things to worry about on the land.
  • Having 300% returns.
2 ways to sell land property
  • Sell on owner financing, triple the cost for monthly terms.
  • Sell for cash, double the money on cash.
  • The seller still has the title until the buyer finishes the terms.
Land property turnaround time
  • Land can be sold as fast as 20 minutes.
What is the demand for land property
  • To buy property, P.J. is sending 10,000 letters a month.
  • He is buying rural residential land property.
  • Facebook Marketplace is where most term buyers hang out.
  • Buying land is a status symbol in different parts of the country.
Do you need a real estate license to buy and sell land
  • P.J. buys and sells in 20 different places, not needing a real estate license.
Things people need to know in buying and selling land
  • Make sure it's not a flood zone.
  • Have legal road access.
  • P.J. pays cash to buy property.
The taxes of land property business
  • P.J. contacted the tax collector and asked what was owed on the buying property.
  • He pays everything off to remove any tax burden.
  • The difference between a tax deed and a tax lien auction.
  • There is no depreciation on land. 
Land Life podcast
  • P.J. talks about anything entrepreneurial.
  • He invites guests to bring up new ideas that ordinary people don't have access to.
What P.J. would like to remember for
  • P.J. wants to be remembered as a person who, more often than not, did not waste his time here.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode 

17:02 - "I was looking for something to be. I had a wife and three kids, and I had to lead them somehow."
20:30 - "It's the simplicity of land that I really think sticks out from other forms of real estate. I don't have to go in and make sure the toilets are flushing. I don't have to go inspect the roof. Versus commercial deals, I don't have to have a working business inside that building. It's just a square of dirt."
30:16 - "The 100 acres we own in the best part of town where everybody loves to go hunting and fishing. Now, we're the big baller, right? It's a status symbol in a different part of the country."

About P.J. Reilly

P.J. Reilly was born in Barbados and grew up in the military. He landed in Denver and graduated from college in Western Colorado. P.J. got out of high school and college with a 2.0. He's been a personal trainer, done direct sales, failed at insurance, and was a professional fighter. P.J. has been in the dirt game for more than eight years. He believes that buying and selling land all over the country is a great business opportunity that anyone can be a part of! P.J. is currently working on larger land deals and removing himself from the day-to-day of the business altogether. He is using V.A.s and automation to make that happen.

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