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Episode 69

With the foundation of exceptional customer service and streamlined business procedures, Dr. Henry grew his business into the top producing chiropractic clinics in the nation with multiple locations and doctors.

Dr. Kelly Henry is a retired chiropractor turned consultant and coach. For 20 plus years, an award-winning chiropractor has helped his patients achieve and live healthier lives. 

Today, his passion is to coach businesses to implement and provide exceptional customer service to skyrocket their success.

He’s the author of the book Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Proven Strategies to maximize your profits.

Don’t miss out on this episode as Dr. Henry walks us through his process of peeling back the onion to find and assess issues, what led him to coach, and a gift of his five top actions to implement immediately to drive up the perception of excellent customer service.  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full Episode:

  1. Dr. Henry’s new coaching environment and why he retired and sold his practice. 
  2. Common mistakes businesses make.
  3. The strategies he helps companies install to have excellent customer service.

Episode Highlights

Coaching environment

    • Dr. Henry retired and sold out his practice in 2018.
    • He saw early on the impact of building a foundation of great customer service. 
    • He coaches businesses on customer retention by providing better service and making customers feel important.

The early days in his career

    • Dr. Henry says that it was difficult at the beginning. 
    • He learned the technical side of being a chiropractor and how to take care of patients. 
    • What was missing in his education was learning about business.

Why Dr. Henry believed early on that exceptional customer service is important

    • He says that he was backed into the idea of providing great customer service.
    • A smaller community with established businesses that didn’t have excellent customer service and that bugged him. 
    • He didn’t want to be treated this way and that his office would be different no matter what. 

Common mistakes that he sees that is killing businesses

    • The vast majority of businesses think they are already providing great customer service. 
    • Dr. Henry says that the other piece is the consistency is nonexistent. 

Defining exceptional customer service 

    • Dr. Henry says that it is making the customer feel important. 
    • It doesn’t matter how you’re interacting with them. It’s about valuing the customer; that’s the key.

How important is it that the consumer has a free voice with social media 

    • John Dijulius says that it’s no longer word of mouth, but it’s the word of mouse. 
    • Getting online and voicing your complaint will be seen by 3000+ people. 
    • The computer and social media age is critical. 

What challenges has the internet had on customer satisfaction

    • Because of the internet he says it’s so easy to voice complaints now. 
    • Twenty years ago, you would tell your friends and family. 
    • Hence customer service is more important now than it’s ever been.

Transitioning your expectations of client service and satisfaction to the rest of your team and staff 

    • First, make your team and employees feel as important, if not more important, than you want them to make the customer. 
    • Valuing your employees and making them feel special will then be turned to make the customer feel special. 
    • The adage, the beatings will continue until morale improves does not work.

Exceptional Customer service changing since the pandemic  

    • Dr. Henry says that customer service doesn’t change. 
    • What changes is how we use technology or adapt and provide great service to great principals. 
    • Communication is key, and let your principals be the guiding force. 

Where does Dr. Henry start peeling back the onion to find and assess the issues

    • His first question is what’s their service mission statement. 
    • Then what is their business mission statement. 
    • Last, what is their service mission statement. 

The first strategy that Dr. Henry helps a business install 

    • He says that he starts at the top with the owner. 
    • He instills a different philosophy from the top down.
    • They have to have an understanding that their business is providing a perception, good or bad.

Where does the most pushback in the process come from

    • Dr. Henry says that the pushback comes from two places. 
    • One is coming from the top. 
    • The second is from the employees. 

Benefit and the gain of installing a framework around delivering great customer service 

    • There are many statistics about this, and some of the biggest companies in the world have laid this foundation. 
    • A Harvard Business Review states that if you increase your customer retention by 5%, it can lead to anywhere from 25-95% increase in profits. 
    • So, when you provide better service, you create better retention.

How does Dr. Henry help businesses with legitimate service problems and failures? 

    • Dr. Henry says that the first one is to take the blinders off. 
    • When something gets online, it’s essential to address it immediately and head-on. 
    • Two things that kill customer service are pride and ego. 

How to respond when there are no good reviews

    • Dr. Henry says that is proof that they need to work on their customer service.
    • Six to 12 months into the business, are they still giving you five-star reviews?
    • Even if it was the customer’s fault and dropped the ball, they are still your customer. 
    • They still deserve to feel valuable, not to point fingers because they made a mistake. 

Does Dr. Henry use a net profit score as a tool in his bucket?

    • He doesn’t use a tool because he’s more of a simplistic guy. 
    • He surveys the customers and ensures to do it regularly. 
    • The other metric he uses is cash flow and monitoring it. 

Dr. Henry’s book – Define and deliver exceptional customer service 

    • He calls it the customer service success manual. 
    • His book is full of principles, ideas, and actions. 
    • A business can implement these immediately to better its customer service. 

The one thing Dr. Henry wants to be remembered by

    • He says he wants to be known as a servant. 
    • He says he has been blessed, and he wants to give back. 

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

The Shift 

9:50 – “It only took me just a few weeks, maybe a month of living in this community to realize, I don’t like to be treated that way, my office is going to be different, we’re going to treat our patients and make them feel important and special, no matter what. So that was my big epiphany. And that’s what started me on this journey of better customer service. But as I did that, my patients loved it, and they communicated that to me. I saw the impact of it from their standpoint. From my employee standpoint, it continued to pique my interest and do it better, and do you know new principles or more principles and ideas and just got this ball rolling and created this? You know, like I said, that foundation, but created these principles and this culture that helped me skyrocket my business. And that’s what keyed me into it.”

Defining Great Customer Service  

13:17 – “My basic definition is making a customer feel important. Each time they are interacting with a business. It’s all about the customer. So you want to focus and make the customer feel important. Across really every communication channel. It doesn’t matter how you’re interacting with them, but it’s valuing the customer that’s the key.”

It starts with your employees 

17:23  “Simply said, not necessarily simply done, but simply said. If you make your team, your employees, and those working with you, you make them feel as important if not more important than you want them to make the customer, the patient/client feel. That’s the key component. When you value your employees, you make them feel special, they in turn, can turn around and make the customer the patient, the client feel special as well, who can not treat your employees bad. The old adage, the beatings will continue until morale improves, does not work. You got to treat your employees very, very good. And in turn, they will turn around and treat the customers very, very good.”


About Dr. Kelly Henry

Dr. Kelly Henry is a retired chiropractor turned consultant and coach. He has years of business experience and knowledge to provide insights into building and sustaining a successful business. His passion is to coach businesses on implementing and delivering exceptional customer service to skyrocket their success.

For 20 plus years, award-winning chiropractor Dr. Kelly Henry helped patients achieve and live healthier lives.

After retiring from private practice in 2018, Dr. Henry has dedicated himself to consulting and coaching business owners to create incredible growth and profits using the processes and procedures he used to create phenomenal success in his offices.

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Book – Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Proven Strategies to maximize your profits


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