How The Intersection of Art and Business Can Unlock Clear Communication with Hilary Blair

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Episode 258

Do you want to unlock the skill of bringing clear communication without losing your level of authenticity? Discover the power of merging art and business in effective, clear communication! Hilary Blair shares insights on clarity, authenticity, and connecting with others. Whether you're a business professional who is passionate about communicating artfully or perhaps an artist seeking to navigate the business world with finesse, this episode is for you!
Hilary Blair is obsessed with communication, presence, story, and the sharing of voice. She truly believes that communication is an art that connects all of us, and with the help of a visionary, she becomes a tomato girl who helps people create real and clear communication skills.
Topics Covered:
  • The backstory of how Hilary shifted from performing arts to business.
  • The biggest hurdles of business executives when communicating.
  • Combining creativity and embodiment in a business setting.
  • Defining words and avoiding miscommunication.
  • Bringing connection and presence in the virtual setup.
  • Understanding that words create worlds.
  • Awareness and impact of the speaking speed and micro pauses.
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3 Powerful Quotes from Hilary Blair

07:10 - "We have different models as human beings, and how we show up and connect with each other is influenced by that."
29:51 - "We have to check in because every time we mention a word, a whole world develops."
33:41 - "So micro pauses, in order for the brain of our listener to anchor is more important than slow, and one of the easiest ways to make sure that we're connecting is to be aware of our breath."

About Hilary Blair

Hilary Blair is a professional voice-over and stage actor who has been teaching for 35-plus years. You can hear her on many training videos and webinars, on a series of Nintendo games, narrating the Planetarium film at the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver, and her recent TEDx Talk. She holds a BA from Yale University and an MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory.
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