5 Best Books for Service-Based Entrepreneurs (Written at Least 15 Years ago)

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Episode 167

What did you think of my 5 best books for service-based entrepreneurs? Did yours not make the list? Click here to leave me a text or voice comment and tell me your favorite.

If you want to succeed faster as a service-based entrepreneur, here are my best books for service-based entrepreneurs written at least 15 years ago that are still relevant today.

I was recently asked about the biggest investments in my journey as an entrepreneur.

After I thought about it, it has been and continues to be in my personal development.

I read books (and a lot of them). Actually, I listen to them more today but the same thing.

When I think about the ones that have made the biggest impact on my thinking strategically, I noticed they were all written over 15 years ago.

Today, I want to share with you my top 5 books for service-based entrepreneurs and I hope you like them.

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