Kamal Ravikant on Venture Capitalism, Becoming a Writer and Practical Tips on Self Love Part 2

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Episode 246

Are you curious about how venture capital works and creates entrepreneurial success? You're in luck! Kamal Ravikant, a serial tech entrepreneur, shares his journey to becoming a writer and building his entrepreneurial success as a venture capitalist.
Kamal Ravikant is the epitome of risk-taking. From trekking to one of the highest base camps in the Himalayas, walking 550 miles across Spain, bungee jumping out of a perfectly good hot air balloon, to being a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, he experienced it all. And when life threw him a curveball of pain and suffering, he made the decision to bet on loving himself and play the inner game to win.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Learn how to make real money in venture capitalism.
  2. Discover how Kamal became a great and effective writer. 
  3. Find out how to be more conscious in loving yourself.

Episode Highlights

Kamal Ravikant's step into entrepreneurship and venture capitalism
  • Kamal's simple idea of venture capitalism.
  • He explained how to raise money and get access to great deal flow.
  • The 2 and 20 rule.
The not-so-secret secret of venture capital
  • Being the biggest investor of your own fund.
  • Betting on the caliber of the entrepreneur.
What characteristics to look for in a founder to invest in
  • Look if they are great in the field.
  • Look if they can build a team.
  • See if they can stay the course.
  • Most importantly, see how deeply committed and passionate they are in what they are doing.
Why entrepreneurs need problem-solving capability
  • Entrepreneurs are nothing but hitting problems and solving them.
  • Being a CEO can be the worst job in the world.
Why service-based businesses are detracting from capital venture
  • Venture capital, specifically in tech, bets on binary outcomes.
  • Dividends are the worst-case exit for Kamal.
  • A good exit is a sale or IPO.
  • Service-based businesses tend to be generally pass-through.
  • They need to look for angels who can invest money.
  • They must understand that there's always a price for the money 
Kamal's journey as an author
  • Books are Kamal's refuge as a child.
  • He wanted to share a story after his backpack trip in Europe and Asia.
  • Kamal spent six months writing his first draft of a novel.
  • Then he realized what he did was far from what actual writing is.
  • He set himself to study, learn, and train to be a writer.
  • The training allowed him to write simply and effectively.
  • His life experience allowed him to write practically.
Takeaways from getting the book Love Yourself
  • Using the "if" statement to love yourself.
  • Start living more consciously rather than just old patterns.
  • Create a habit of practicing the inner game.
Kamal's view about the power of knowledge application
  • He believes that overconsumption without action means nothing.
  • Social media makes people into performative monkeys.
  • What people need is to do the thing.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

32:23 - "I make real money off the profits of what I get into."
43:32 - "If you don't already have a certain amount of success in your business if you just take money, you're gonna waste most of it."
48:00 - "The gift was that writing training allowed me to write so simply and so effectively, and then my life experience allowed me to write very practically."

About Kamal Ravikant

Kamal Ravikant is the Managing Partner at Evolve VC, an early-stage Silicon Valley Venture Capital fund, and author of the best-selling books, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, Rebirth, and Live Your Truth. He is the only non-black, non-woman member of the Black Women's Writers' group and worked with some of the best people in Silicon Valley.

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