How to Use AI in Advertising to Accelerate Growth

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Episode 181

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like inside the mind of a rocket scientist? Zeze Peters is a real-life rocket scientist and my guest on today’s podcast! He is also the founder & CEO of, which is “Mission Control” for advertising and growth using an AI platform. 

We talk relaxation, family, digital marketing, iterations, and AI and its benefits. Zeze also shares the details of his newest platform, how it helps, who it supports now, and who it will support in the future. 

Here are three reasons you should listen to the complete episode: 

  • Learn about the evolution AI has taken in the past two decades.
  • Discover what Zeze believes is the best way to manage AI moving forward to avoid enterprise.
  • Follow the changes, Eureka moments, and iterations of Zeze’s AI experience.


Episode Highlights 

Early rocket science engineering years

    • Zeze’s educational background is in aerospace engineering.
    • He has built many kinds of robots but mainly microgravity space robots.
Past 15 years of experience working within AI
    • It all began for Zeze playing video games. He explains that the other things moving around in games are actually controlled by some form of intelligence.
    • He started simply with building systems that make sure robots could identify patterns and follow through paths.
    • Continued evolution of AI in this marketing and sales and growth-oriented space of businesses provides a lot of opportunities for using AI to make life easier for people whose responsibility is to help companies make revenue.


    • Zeze views failures as opportunities to learn and grow.
    • It helps build muscle memory which will help you get closer to your goal.

Beam.City DNA

    • The original goal of founding Beam.City DNA was to build a unified platform to help businesses just to do their advertising quickly.
    • They then took that a step further by adding a piece that helps businesses find 2 to 5 times better lead qualifications. That allows businesses to take their existing processes and get better outcomes.
    • Beam.City DNA took it yet another step further, which is being completed right now will be able to tell the customer about the ads they run – where, how much to spend, and how many campaigns to run through AB testing to ensure near-perfect content. Also, we are going to hold your hand through the whole process.

What Zeze would like to be remembered for 

    • Zeze would like to be remembered for building a platform that takes you all the way to your dreams faster because then you can make a better world. 

3 Powerful Quotes

22:13 – “So almost every failure is another opportunity to learn and iterate. And as long as you keep that top of mind, it will help you as an engineer, but also help you as an entrepreneur.”

25:13 – “I love using my hands, but I love using it with my family. Whether it’s on my farm, in the back the house doing renovations, or just playing, that’s how I relax.”

31:58 – “What we say in our company is we’re not looking to put the humans out. We feel that the right ethical way to build intelligence is more like Star Trek, a lot less like the Terminator.”

About Zeze Peters 

Serial entrepreneur, aerospace engineer & innovator with 20 years of experience in software, robotics & applied A.I. who has led large teams across continents to build million-dollar platforms for Fortune 1000 & other fast-growing companies. 

Currently executing on DNA, is the world’s 1st unified advertising automation platform that uses A.I. & algorithms to help businesses automatically plan and optimize their ads on all top advertising channels with fantastic results in days or weeks. It also helps brands achieve multi-location intelligence and personalization at scale.

Because $3 of $5 spent on ads is wasted due to this complexity, human inability to handle large data patterns, and click fraud, Beam.City DNA wishes to eliminate this.

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