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Episode 165

Do you feel it takes a specific type of person to be involved in real estate investing? Maybe you have the misconception that someone has to be born into money or into the investing world to succeed in getting their foot in the door. If you are ready to find out what it really takes to find yourself in a position to start investing in multifamily real estate, you’re in luck!

Jerome Myers left corporate America to guide people to lead lives of significance by focusing first on living a centered life. Often, these people are already in leadership positions but feel they are there alone. As a result, Jerome creates opportunities for these apex performers to connect so that they can develop solutions to their toughest challenges.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  • Learn about Jerome’s journey to leaving jobs that didn’t serve him.
  • Find out how Jerome used the voice in his head to help lead him to invest in Multifamily Real Estate.
  • Discover how you can work with Jerome to learn how to start investing in Multifamily Real Estate.

Episode Highlights

Dreaming of a career as a child

    • As a young child, Jerome dreamed of becoming a garbage truck driver.
    • His mother explained that he would need a better-paying job to afford the lifestyle they were currently living.  

Exploring career opportunities as a young adult

    • Jerome knew he liked solving problems, whether it was mathematical or people problems. 
    • His teacher explained he’d be a sound engineer or good with psychology or sociology.
    • He changed his mind in his sophomore year and started exploring more options.
    • When he finished his MBA, he went to a consulting firm and a larger company where he worked on a US government project.
    • After facing a challenging corporate experience, Jerome decided to exit the matrix. 

Jerome’s ability to pivot to make his next move 

    • When Jerome was fresh out of school, he had prayed for patience, and while ignoring his intuition, he got into a head-on accident with a dump truck.
    • From that point, if his gut told him not to do something, he paid closer attention.

Your inner calling

    • People refer to their inner calling as God or intuition, or they refer to it as themselves. 
    • Jerome believes everyone has something that will nag them and keep them awake at night until they eventually listen.
    • Having space for the voice to interact with you is core to being healthy.

Defining an APEX performer

    • Some people are common and mediocre performers. 
    • Some people want to excel and be impressive to those around them. 
    • The overachievers are addicted to the dopamine that comes from achievement. 
    • APEX performers know that there’s no comparison between the two. They are the most intense people.

Being drawn to real estate

    • Jerome and his friend, Duran, were reading Black Enterprise, and they began doing the math because one of the articles was talking about rental real estate.
    • Jerome didn’t have mentors in this space and needed to learn about getting into real estate.

Having something to bring to the table

    • Jerome was rejected numerous times and needed help getting his foot in the door. 
    • He was told he needed a partner to get a loan on the property.
    • When he finally found someone who could be his partner, Jerome realized all he had to bring to the table was ambition and the willingness to help in any way he could.

Working with Jerome

    • Jerome offers an 11-week course that takes people step-by-step to get involved in multifamily real estate.
    • The course is intentionally 11 weeks, so students don’t try to binge-watch the content in 2 days.
    • The first step is to find a deal.
    • The goal is to make the net operating income higher than when you purchase a property.

What Jerome wants to be remembered for

    • For challenging those who meet him. 

3 Powerful Quotes

“As an adult. I know that play isn’t everything, but if you’re doing something you’re passionate about, you probably feel like you’re playing anyway.”

“Everybody has this thing that is put in them, picks at them, and nags them. And if you’re getting too far away from it, it haunts you in your dreams; it keeps you up at night as you try to figure out how to do the thing.” 

“If you can’t articulate what you can bring to the deal, you’re not going to get invited because this is not charity. Unless you’re paying people, you better be able to tell them what you can do for them, and it’s probably smart for you to understand what problem they have so you can help solve that problem for them.” 


About Jerome Myers

Jerome Myers (a/k/a “J”) is a developer of people and places. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group.

Through these entities, he lives out his childhood dreams of helping people manifest what they imagine and create social proof that dreams should be real.

Since leaving corporate America after building a 20MM division, J has become one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the multifamily development space. His company, The Myers Development Group, built a multi-million-dollar portfolio following the principles of Myers Methods.

This success has led to him being featured on top podcasts such as Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless, Apartment Investing with Michael Blank, Multifamily Investor Nation with Dan Hanford, Target Market Insights with John Casmon, and at least two dozen others.

Although he’s often told that he makes investing look easy, the people closest to him know the road wasn’t without challenges. So, he created Myers Methods, a real estate education company, to dispel many of the myths related to the industry and educate investors on his 4-step process for owning and operating apartments.


Connect with Jerome Myers

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