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Episode 65

Damon Jones is an author, the owner of Purpose Video Services, a Veteran, family man, FAA-licensed aerial drone services, and TV/film and video editing services. Most importantly, his steps are led in a steadfast belief in a higher power. 

During today’s show, you will discover how Damon channels his faith to forgive his father and himself from anger and abandonment that has plagued him for years. And how the journey began once he surrendered to God and allowed his divine powers to move through him. Damon wrote a powerful book of his life’s journey “Abandonment, The Plague of Most Men.” A story of forgiveness, faith, and self-love.

Through Damon’s life experiences, he’s learned that it’s never too late to pursue your passion. He believes you’re awesome and powerful! You can do whatever you put your mind to! He also believes we all have a God-given gift.

Damon will move you through his eye’s view of transparency, faith, courage, and love from start to finish. Don’t miss this episode!  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full Episode:

  1. What led Damon to write his book?
  2. How his wife’s love saved his life.
  3. Transparency is courage and the strength of forgiveness. 

Episode Highlights

Video Editing and Drones 

    • Damon loves being an editor.
    • He wanted his videos to have a cinematic look. 
    • His love of video editing led him to drones.  


    • Before the pandemic, Damon had been running from the calling of God to write this book.
    • After the pandemic, he didn’t have that excuse. He had nothing but time.
    • A males perspective on courage and healing.

Subtitle – The Plague of Most Men

    • As a child, he learned that vulnerability, intimacy, and transparency were weaknesses. 
    • He now realizes that they are strengths.
    • He knows that these were the things that were keeping him bound.

What was the shift for Damon?

    • His wife, Deborah, of over 20 years, and her prayers for him. 
    • His grandmother and mother were praying for him. 
    • And that his wife shared with him that transparency is what connects us.

The breakdown to the breakthrough that shaped his book

    • He was an angry child due to the abandonment he felt from his father. 
    • Not knowing how to address the anger, Damon began to isolate himself.
    • Peace surpasses all understanding.
    • Holding on to anger is blocking your blessings. 

What helped change Damon’s anger into love?

    • He got married in January 2001. He accepted Christ in February 2001. 
    • He was led to the grave of his father, where the Lord told Damon to forgive him. 
    • Even though anger was an anchor for him before, now it’s more of a foundation of what Christ has him doing. 
    • Surrender and watch God work. 

His development of understanding and the belief in his unique gift 

    • After his trip to Texas, he realized that he just existed because he felt an emptiness. 
    • God allowed him to stay in a job that became so uncomfortable that it felt as though Damon was stepping outside his character.
    • He left that job and knew he had to pursue the gift that was within him. 
    • Once he focused on his gift, then everything fell into place. 

What would Damon Jones say to his former angry self?

    • He talks about the acronym of fear – You can Face Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. 
    • You can’t let fear paralyze you, and you have to let it propel you in the direction you know is calling you. 
    • Anger is bondage. Because the people that you are angry with are not thinking about you. 

How has his life experience grown-up shaped his role in fatherhood?

    • Damon says he was a terrible father, only because he didn’t know how to be one. 
    • His wife helped peel back the layers to help his inner child deal with the feelings of anger and hurt. 
    • He turned into a man of action and prioritizing in a way that puts his family first. 

What piece of advice does he want to give?

    • Forgiveness is the foundation of everything. 
    • Seek a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 
    • Ask yourself, am I operating for the purpose I was created for?

How does Damon want to be remembered?

    • Servanthood.

Powerful Quotes from this Episode

The Shift 

1:06 - “Even though the anger was an anchor for me back in the day. Now, it’s more like a foundation of what Christ has me doing.”


15:59 - ” I had to start realizing that I had to live each day as if it were my last and stop putting off what I can do today. Until tomorrow, stop being anchored to the past, and exercise in the gift and moving forward.”


19:39 - “And of course, you and I both know the acronym of fear has many different meanings to many people. We can either face everything and run, but I chose to face everything and raise false evidence that appears real. It also means things that you just shared about the things that we fear in most cases, you know, they never materialized, but because of this thing between our ears, perceptions. We are our own worst enemies.”


15:02 - “It wasn’t about the money, but it was about the peace of mind that I knew I had to pursue this gift that was within me. And that gift is tied to Proverbs 18:16, and your gift will make room for you, and bring you before the Great.”


16:29 - “Being a servant, you know, which is another contributor I talk about is Colossians 3:23, that talks about in whatever I do, I’m going to work at it with all my heart as if I’m working for God and not man. So in other words, that peace that I have within me, it surpasses all really understanding.”


About Damon Jones

Damon Jones is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, Author, Creative Video Producer, TV/Video/Film Editor, FAA Licensed Aerial Drone Pilot/Instructor, and Online Course Creator.

His current passion and purpose in his new book, “Abandonment-The Plague of Most Men.” My other passion is creative video production, aerial drone flying, and video editing.

He is a proud husband and father who has truly found my purpose, passion, and peace through being a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. His life is focused on integrity and adding value to the lives of others. 

He is the owner of Purpose Video Services, where his services, based on integrity, quality service, and follow-up without compromise. 

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, he felt the need to share his testimony in a book—with full transparency—to help any boys and men who might be struggling with the issues associated with abandonment. The mission of my book, “Abandonment, “The Plague of Most Men,” was written to share my life’s testimony in the most transparent, open, and vulnerable way, to encourage other men from the age of eighteen to their golden years. Abandonment—an unfortunate plague affecting many men is never discussed transparently, but such a discussion is necessary for true healing. He went from being an angry boy to a prideful and stubborn male who masqueraded as a man. His anger was birthed by the bullying he endured from first grade through high school. Damon’s book is ultimately about him going from being bullied, to bullying, to becoming a servant soldier for Jesus Christ because of a praying grandmother, mother, and wife. In the end, he finally learned to love Damon Jones, the forgiven son of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He had to embrace and accept the person he saw in the mirror every day. He accepts himself for who he is and WHO I am, despite what the world tells me. 

He’s learned from my life experiences that it’s never too late to pursue your passion. He believes you’re awesome and powerful! You can do whatever you put your mind to! We all have a God-given gift, but I had to humble myself and step out of my comfort zone and stop being paralyzed by my fears to recognize my gift. 

Everyone else around him recognized his gift except himself! It’s never too late! He shares this with all transparency because he wants you to live your life with even more fulfillment. You can do it! We weren’t created to exist but to be of service to others. Don’t let your fears paralyze you; allow them to propel you in the direction, calling you from deep within. 


Connect with Damon Jones

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