Navigating Career Change with Marcel Baker

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Episode 5

How do you make a career change when you’re successful and have a great salary but you know it’s not your passion?

If you’ve ever had a feeling that you’re not doing what you were called to do, then you’re not alone. 

Today’s guest is Marcel Baker, Principal of Natomas Middle School in Sacramento, California.

Now with over a decade of experience in education, his road to education was not a straight one.

You’ll hear about an epiphany moment that led him to leave his successful career in commercial lending to purchase equitable outcomes for underserved youth in our school systems. 

Met with naysayers along the way, you'll hear how The road wasn’t easy, but it was necessary.

We discuss:

    • His epiphany moment
    • Why properly fun fire drills in schools matter
    • How the Charter School he helped started shattered student enrollment goals despite naysayers
    • Why it’s important to follow your passion
    • The wake-up call he had in the middle of the career-changing process

If you've ever wrestled with not being in the right career or know deep inside you're not aligned, hopefully, this episode will be a blessing to you.

Links Mentioned:
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