Reflect, Reset, and Recharge for 2024

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Episode 266
2023 is about to close. Are you ready for 2024? If you are someone who wants to level up your game in the next year, this is the season to get advanced opportunity and momentum. Discover strategies to end 2023 with success and gear up for an incredible 2024. 
Darrell shares tips to help you reflect, reset, and recharge and provides useful mindfulness tools to guide you in stepping into the new year with more intention and purpose. Listen to this if you want to be equipped for the breakout year 2024!
In this episode, we cover:
  • Be real with yourself and have a Head-to-heart exercise.
  • Double down on personal development and continuous learning.
  • Expect abundant opportunities with mixed difficulty.
  • Managing ups and downs in life and business. 
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3 Powerful Quotes from Darrell Evans

02:29 - "It's just another set of days on the calendar in the new year. Nothing's going to change if you're not going to change." 
06:57 - "I'm going to reflect on what we've done to move in the direction we said we were going to go and not beat ourselves up for what we haven't done yet." 
13:11 - "You know what I do when things don't go right for me as best as I possibly can? I say that's interesting; I didn't see that coming. I wish it hadn't gone that way, but noted, Let's pivot. "
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