The AI-Driven Plabook to Helping Children Excel in Reading and Math with Dr. Phil Hickman

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 Episode 261
Imagine a world where learning isn't confined to the dusty textbook or one-size-don't-always-fits-all lesson plans, where the spark of curiosity and the joy of discovery illuminate every child's path. Dr. Phil Hickman, a trailblazing entrepreneur, EdTech visionary, and founder of AI-driven PlaBook that's revolutionizing children's love for learning so that they can build a brighter future, join us to explore the power of AI Tech and educational learning combined!
Dr. Phil's love for learning drives him to develop cutting-edge technology to enhance personalized learning and immersive reading engagement for students in the 21st century. A tool that solves real-world problems and impacts children's future. So, if you want a tool to teach children how to read and learn math, tune in!
In this episode, we cover:
  • The impact of reading on Dr. Phil's educational journey.
  • Rewiring the brain for reading.
  • The alarming statistics of the kids' reading crisis.
  • Intervention of Tech education for students.
  • AI-powered education and personalized learning tools.
  • Plabook's gamification aspect that helps children's reading proficiency.
  • Dr. Phil's challenges in creating a Tech educational startup.
  • The development and social impact of educational technology.
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3 Powerful Quotes from Dr. Phil Hickman

9:59 - "Because kids spend more time trying to decode and break down words, then they don't have any more energy or brain power left to understand what they read."
12:06 - "Simply teaching someone how to read can save their life and change the trajectory of their life easily."
39:09 - "Right now, with chat GPT and that little black box in your hand, you can access anything and everything. And your job will be how do you read through that critically, think through it, and apply it."

About Dr. Phil Hickman

Also known as Dr. Phil, he is a renowned educational expert, EdTech visionary, psychologist, author, and entrepreneur. With a strong academic background, including five postgraduate degrees and a doctorate, he has held various leadership positions in rural and large school districts in the USA.
As a distinguished public speaker, Dr. Phil has presented at national conferences and workshops for organizations such as the U.S. Department of Education and Columbia University. He is a prolific author with three books that showcase his groundbreaking methodologies in leadership, personalized learning, and emotional intelligence.
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