The Future of Medication Management: Charles Gellman's Breakthrough with HIDO

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Episode 260
Are you using a pill organizer to take your medications? It's time for a health upgrade! Discover the groundbreaking HIDO device created by Charles Gellman, revolutionizing medication management for better health outcomes, whether you are a patient who wants to take care of yourself or a healthcare professional who wants to serve your patients better. This episode will guide you on improving your health and making your life happier!
Charles Gellman is a visionary leader and accomplished entrepreneur, currently serving as the CEO of HiDO Health, a cutting-edge healthcare technology company. With a deep passion for improving people's lives through innovation, Gellman has dedicated his career to revolutionizing the healthcare industry. If you are ready to explore the future of health, technology, and entrepreneurship, listen in!
Topics Covered:
  • Understanding the blueprint of health.
  • Improving health adherence with a new AI robotic device.
  • Streamlining the medication dispensing for patients at home.
  • Zero-cost health care device for patients.
  • Promoting patient's independence and freedom.
  • Navigating the challenging healthcare environment.
  • Creating a product-market fit that innovates and supports people.
  • Building a core foundation of how to serve people better.
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3 Powerful Quotes from Charles Gellman

04:37 - "HiDO is the culmination of a device created for behavioral modification to help people help themselves in the comfort of their home."
22:38 - "With the HiDO device, we reduced hospitalizations amongst heart failure crowd by 80%, just by taking their medications as prescribed."
33:39 - "As long as your conviction is there, and you have other people to support that conviction, and then support this dream to reality, I believe that's the type of mindset that you have to take."

About the Charles Gellman 

Charles Gellman's visionary approach has enabled HiDO Health to forge strategic partnerships with prominent healthcare organizations, establishing the company as a trusted and influential player in the industry. His commitment to collaboration and innovation has fostered a culture of creativity and excellence within the organization, attracting top talent and driving groundbreaking advancements in healthcare technology.
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