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Episode 84

Today we welcome Abi Kinghan, a serial entrepreneur, CEO coach, and host of The Over-Scheduled Millennial Masterclass. Abi has figured out how to overcome struggles and mind blocks most senior entrepreneurs are still struggling with. 

Abi’s masterclass helps solopreneurs or wannabe ex-9-5er’s step out and take charge of their business and life while creating the impact and abundance they desire.

During today’s show, we discussed how Abi could use clarity to decide what she wanted for her future and how to make the decision to set herself up for success at a young age. 

If you feel called for more, feeling overwhelmed, or aren’t happy with where you are and can’t figure out why – I encourage you to tune in to this episode and take in the valuable insight Abi provides. 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Find out if Abi believes businesses or 9 to 5 careers offer stability and security.
  2. Uncover how pole dancing classes might strengthen your mind to run a successful business.
  3. Discover the impact of the Over-scheduled Millennial Masterclass series.   

Episode Highlights

Who is Abi Kinghan

    • Abi is a serial entrepreneur in her 20s who has figured out how to overcome what most senior entrepreneurs are still trying to figure out.
    • She is a CEO coach whose goal is to teach others how to create an impact in their business without missing out on their home life.
    • Abi also hosts The Over-Scheduled Millennial Masterclass, a 22-day series of classes.

Clarity from the beginning

    • Abi’s father, a direct influence, was an entrepreneur.
    • Abi saw other people’s parents struggling and trying to live paycheck to paycheck.
    • Abi always felt like she was destined for more, and there was more of a purpose in life.

Abi’s first business

    • It began when Abi was 17 or 18.
    • She was printing children’s clothing.
    • Straightaway obtained a storefront in the biggest shopping center in Europe.

The development of Impact

    • After a few years of starting her first business, people started coming to Abi for advice.
    • She started to see a rise in questions like: “How do I manage my business?” “How do I get customers?” “How do I understand what the customer wants?”
    • Most of the questions stemmed from fear, and Abi wanted to help entre/solopreneurs embrace change and risk.

Work-life before the jump

    • Abi was trying to juggle her 9 to 5, working with her dad, working in her own business, and maintaining side hustles. 
    • Although she wanted everything, Abi expresses she was burnt out and overwhelmed.
    • The vagueness and lack of clarity were keeping Abi from pursuing her passions.

Leaving the 9 to 5

    • After the overwhelm and burnout plagued her, Abi knew something had to change – and she knew the change was to focus on her passion.
    • The easiest thing for Abi when leaving her 9 to 5 was to reframe her mind and realize that a 9 to 5 job isn’t always the safest or more secure option.
    • Abi admits the most challenging part of diving into her own business was thinking ahead rather than waiting on the next task to be given to you.

Root causes for staying

    • Abi knows about root causes all too well and helps each client identify theirs.
    • She was a victim to fear of success, and that fear kept her from taking risks.
    • Most root causes come from the unknown. It takes time to work through these fears and allow yourself to be comfortable with them.

An interesting fitness journey

    • As a risk-taking individual, Abi decided to take a pole fitness class. 
    • Abi saw a gap to fill and started coaching pole fitness classes. 
    • The same mental strengths you need for pole fitness can also be exercised in your business or dreams. 

What are business owners over scheduling

    • Your time management and what you are doing daily should be making you happy.
    • Abi challenges you to think about your goals, where you want to be, and how your current calendar reflects that.
    • Reevaluating your time and how you spend it is the first step to living without regrets.

The Over-scheduled Millennial Masterclass in detail

    • It is 22 days of different experts and thought leaders sharing what it takes to leave your 9 to 5.
    • Covered topics include stepping into your power, staying confident in relationships, communicating with others, and cultivating support from family.
    • The masterclass can propel you into that next stage of your relationship or career. 

More details about the masterclass:

    • The cost of the masterclass is unbelievably free.
    • Replays will be live for 72 hours.
    • You can sign up at

How does Abi Kinghan want to be remembered?

    • Abi wants to be remembered for inspiring commitment and messy action. No matter what aspect of your life it is in, Abi encourages you to stay true to yourself and just do it, whatever it is, anyway. 

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

04:22 – “I had no idea what I was doing. I knew that the opportunity was there. And I just had to jump in and take it.”

06:43 – “Well, I’ll start with the easiest thing, the easiest thing was reframing my mind from the space that this nine to five, what’s the safest option, because now looking back, that’s the riskiest option. And I feel like we’ve learned that in the past two years, those businesses will do whatever they need to do to survive, and you can be cut just like that.”

27:18 – “If you’re starting a business, if you’re dating, if you’re doing whatever it is, just stay true to yourself be aligned. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Stick to your purpose and do it anyway.”


About Abi Kinghan

As a serial entrepreneur in her 20s, Abi had to figure out how to juggle it all…

She’s overcome the hurdles of leaving her “safe” 9-5 job, starting her first business alone, and has learned lessons that could have short-cut her journey to the life of her dreams. 

She now runs her solopreneur to CEO coaching biz called Impact Babe. Her goal is to teach others how to create impact within a work-life balance without FOMO!

She’s also the host of The Over-Scheduled Millennial Masterclass 22-day series of classes with experts and thought leaders help solopreneurs or wannabe ex-9-5er’s step out and take charge of their business and life while creating the impact and abundance they desire.

One thing Abi swears by, to be successful is to have YOU time. Not only to let off steam but to recharge and revitalize you for the steps ahead – she is a pole fitness enthusiast, devoting her free time to her mental and physical health and traveling with her boyfriend every chance they get. She impacts female entrepreneurs globally with her unique approach to creating the life, business, and success we live every day, which is one of her greatest passions.

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