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Episode 217

Have you ever thought of selling your business someday? Do you even know the value of your business? Marcia Riner provides business owners with a systematic approach to growing their revenue, profit, and the value of the company to achieve their next-level success.

Marcia is a business growth strategist and CEO of Infinite Profit Consulting, which helps entrepreneurs to strengthen their business so that it is worth selling someday. She works closely with her clients to turn their business into an attractive & profitable business asset they can enjoy until they decide to stop. She helps them get a return on their business investment.


Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You will learn how to turn a not saleable business into a profitable business asset.
  2. Hear Marcia's proven growth and revenue strategies that help business owners to get results fast.
  3. Find out how to use innovative techniques to have a clear ROI from your business and achieve success.


Episode Highlights

Who is Marcia Riner

    • Marcia Riner is a business growth strategist and the CEO of Infinite Profit Consulting.
    • She guides her clients through step-by-step success models to get results fast. 
    • A powerful visionary, multiple book author, speaker, and host of the Profit with a Plan podcast.

When did Marcia get into the growth consulting business

    • Marcia loves to think outside the box.
    • She left the corporate world in 2016 and never came back.
    • The challenge for her is reining herself in because she is super creative and visionary.
    • She saw that most business owners don't have a solid plan for their future.
    • Marcia now helps people to build profitable business assets and legacies.

What it takes to run a saleable business

    • Having systems and structures in place to make things easier.
    • Be a focused business owner with clear initiatives to move forward.

Areas that most business owners missed in their growth process

    • Identifying the revenue boosters and expense cutters.
    • Profit planning, tax planning, and other financial expenses.

What is the lifetime value of customers

    • The length of time they plan to buy your product or use your service.
    • Customers have an extreme amount of trust in the company.
    • They provide a continuity of income.

Marcia's step-by-step model to help business owners grow

    • Have the foundational marketing works.
    • Understand what separates you from everybody else.
    • Address your customers' problems and grab their attention.

How does Marcia help her clients address the labor problems

    • Marcia explains the Great Resignation that is currently happening.
    • Business owners need people but can't find them.
    • She suggests being open to change and flexibility for employees.

Marcia's books about profitability 

    • The Boosting Business Profit book talks about the pathway how to get there.
    • Books help Marcia elevate her expertise.

What Marcia would like to remember for

    • Marcia wants to be remembered by believing she could, she tries real hard to do what she says, and she always keeps going.


3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

05:01 - "It was really the shift for me. It was kind of my aha, that because my plans are going to fail with those clients because they really truly didn't have a solid plan that, I started sharing what I was learning from my coaches."

07:59 - "You've invested 30 years into your business, you're probably not going to get 30 years of that back, but you better get more than one year or two years out of that."

26:53 - "So understanding what you can separate yourself with, by having a problem that your customer has that they don't want and being the solution that they haven't found yet."


About Marcia Riner

Marcia Riner is the CEO of Infinite Profit Consulting, a speaker, author, podcast host, and a powerful visionary. She has been building wealth for businesses for years by focusing on the business as an asset and the power of growing revenue. She comes from a family of business owners that had mistakenly lost 1.5 million dollars by not positioning themselves for an eventual sale. Marcia brings years of business and financial expertise with an 'outside the box' style of creativity to her clients, which has exponentially grown their firms and positioned them for a maximum exit on their terms. 


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