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Episode 125

Have you ever wondered how your habits, degree, business, and future tie together? Or maybe you feel like you can’t pin down who you are supposed to be in 5 years from now. You’re in luck!

Today we welcome Nick Lugo, a podcast host, author, professional hypnotist and student.

Nick is the host of The Nick Lugo Show, a podcast that airs on Youtube and all podcast streaming platforms. He published “Break Your Bad Habits in 150 Pages: A Hero’s Journey” in December 2020. Nick is also a certified professional hypnotherapist and does clinical work on the side. He is 20 years old (turning 21 in August 2022) and a Junior at Indiana University, majoring in marketing and Psychology. When he leaves Indiana University in May of 2023, he will have two Bachelor’s (BS) degrees, as if he went to college twice.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Gain insight into how a college student stepped outside the box to keep learning and building his business ecosystem around his studies. 
  2. Understand how marketing and psychology work together.
  3. Find out how podcasts can benefit the host and a guest.

Episode Highlights

Who is Nick Lugo

    • Nick Lugo is a podcast host, author, professional hypnotist, and student.
    • Host of The Nick Lugo Show, a podcast that airs on Youtube and all podcast streaming platforms.
    • A certified professional hypnotherapist who does clinical work on the side.
    • Author of “Break Your Bad Habits in 150 Pages: A Hero’s Journey,” published in December 2020.
    • 20-year-old Junior at Indiana University, majoring in both Marketing and Psychology.

Why Nick started his podcast

    • While in college, he was in the process of writing his book and wanted to learn more.
    • His friends were conducting personal interviews and interviewing great people.
    • Nick decided to do the same but wanted to publish the interviews online to help establish his brand.

The endeavor of writing his book

    • Nick admits it was one of the hardest things he has done.
    • Even after writing an entire book, he realized the message wasn’t what he wanted to put out in the world.
    • He reevaluated the principles he wanted to include in the book. 
    • By the time the book was published, only 5,000 of the original words had remained. 

Understanding and studying bad habits at 18 years old

    • Nick’s family and friends have addictions to food and nicotine.
    • He tried to start a program to help his friends overcome a JUUL addiction.
    • After failing, he began researching his own addiction to his phone.

 Becoming a Certified Professional Hypnotherapist

    • After publishing the book, Nick started using his tactics to help his friends and family.
    • He wanted to dig deeper into his research as a Psychology major.
    • Hypnotherapy is a last resort option for those desperate to stop their bad habits.
    • The success rate is high for those with nicotine addiction.

Marketing and psychology 

    • Marketing is applied psychology.
    • You can’t understand sales without psychology.
    • Marketing is about understanding people and how they behave, and what motivates them.

The plan after graduating from college

    • Nick took a more non-traditional path while in college.
    • He could take so many paths, but he isn’t sure yet which one he will take. 
    • As he focuses on self-discovery, Nick realizes he can’t pinpoint who he will be in the future.

Key benefits from starting his podcast

    • Nick has interviewed interesting people like Dr. James Fallon. 
    • Dr. James Fallon is known as a pro-social psychopath who understands the psychology and studies of the psychology of psychopaths.
    • Interviewing others has benefited Nick.
    • He can formulate questions for his quests that help him discover who he is.

How podcasts benefit the guest speaker

    • It allows the guest to get to unreachable people who might be in the host’s audience.
    • It will enable them to share in a non-threatening, non-sales dialog. 
    • It helps them get exposure when on the show of a competent host.

What Nick wants to be remembered for

    • Nick wants to be remembered for caring and showing people love.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

14:29 – “There’s a lot of fluctuation in this world. There’s a lot of self-discovery, and as I’m discovering myself a little bit more, I noticed that I can’t look five years down the road because I don’t know who I’m going to be six months down the road.”

19:11 – “Every person I talk to, I say you should not listen to my podcast. You should start your own podcast. I say that all the time because of the number of benefits it offers me. I cannot even begin to explain.”

30:10 – “The people I’ve helped for their bad habits showed them that I’ve cared. I’ve shown them that they’re accepted, no matter if they have a bad habit or not, and I still love them. If you show them that, then it really changes their perspective.”


About Nick Lugo

Nick runs a hypnosis/hypnotherapy business at Indiana University, helping college students become more productive and shed their test-taking anxiety. With his deep knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, and mythology, he published his book in December 2020 titled “Break Your Bad Habits in 150 Pages: A Hero’s Journey.” He then started a podcast (90+episodes) titled The Nick Lugo Show, where he digs deeper into those principles.


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