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Episode 209

If you've ever struggled with overcoming self-doubt in business and personal life. This episode is for you. 

Three reasons to listen to the entire episode 

  • Learn how self-doubt can be a significant obstacle to success and how it can come from different sources.
  • Discover one effective way to overcome self-doubt.
  • Uncover how I overcame self-doubt before speaking at a live event and who helped me through that experience.


Episode Highlights

I remember this feeling of fear of getting ready to stand in front of these world-class public speaking champions

  • In July of 2017, I remember walking into the room where we were holding a live seminar for the day to teach entrepreneurs and marketers about a six-step framework for growing their businesses online.
  • It was our very first live event, where we had multiple speakers throughout the day.
  • I remember looking at the VIP section, and I saw three established world champions, successful people that I regarded in high esteem, like Master public speakers, trainers, and coaches. 

Upcoming Guest

  • Ed Tate - we'll talk more about him in a few weeks when we release that episode; it's going to be an amazing conversation.
  • One of the most prolific, one of the most charismatic, one of the most accomplished public speakers and trainers in the world of public speaking. 

How did I start processing this self-doubt?

  • We inevitably get to a stage where we even question ourselves.
  • The bottom line is even good leaders, at some point want to throw in the towel.
  • There's a difference between throwing in the towel and pivoting.
  • I was sitting there telling myself a false BS story that could have debilitated the very expertise I was there to deliver and share with that audience.

Self doubt can come from a couple places in my mind.

  • Number one, it could come from your past experiences, good, bad or indifferent.
  • And sometimes your bad experiences in the past or those unfavorable experiences of the past can stay with you for too long, and you can believe that what was then has to be your now which is just not true.
  • The mind shift method says, let's just make peace with the facts.

One of the most impactful things

  • You're fearing that you're gonna get judged.
  • They don't know what you're gonna say anyway. So give yourself a break.
  • You did all the preparation, they came up to get the value, they paid to come get the value.

Give yourselves some grace.

  • The thing that I was almost afraid of turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of my journey as a presenter as a speaker as a coach. And I'm grateful.
  • It's okay to feel like maybe we're not good enough.
  • Remember, if you're chosen to be in that place where you are right now, you're going to lead something, you're going to speak about something you're going to train about something you're going to coach someone on something, you're there for a reason.
  • Remember, everything you've done has led you to this point.
Everything you've done has led you to this point of your purpose. And if you've been brought to this point, proceed. They don't know what you're supposed to say anyway.

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