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 Episode 264
Do you want to build a website that not only looks good but also sells? If you are tired of generic templates and cookie-cutter design or want to elevate your brand website into a sales machine, tune in! Jeff Gapinski, founder of Huemor Digital Agency, discussed the importance of building a website you like that serves a business purpose and is one your customers love.
From building customized MySpace pages for local bands to now leading his team to nearly 500 successful website launches for brands, Jeff proves that he really knows what he's doing when it comes to websites. His way of flexing his creative skills allows businesses to thrive and succeed in their respective domains.
In this episode, we cover:
  • The significance of website design to business growth.
  • Evolution of website design and its challenges.
  • Redesigning websites with a customer-focused approach.
  • Difference between SMB and large organizations when building websites.
  • Creating a good balance of qualitative and quantitative data in design.
  • Valuing organizational ties and being open to feedback.
  • Navigating setbacks and creating growth opportunities.
Anyone can build a website, but not everyone can build a website that customers will love, so if you are struggling with creating a memorable website that not only catches attention but also converts like crazy, this episode is for you! If you want to have a supportive community of like-minded people, join the Growth Driven Entrepreneur Community, where we help you market, grow, and scale your business simply and sustainably.

3 Powerful Quotes from Jeff Gapinski

09:55 - "The ability to quickly whip something up and publish it doesn't necessarily mean that what's being made and published is good. And I think with the additional speed to publish, there's oftentimes less thought or strategy before you get to that final stage."
14:51 - "I don't really care what your thoughts are in the process. What matters to me is what your best customers are looking for."
26:40 - "Regardless of an individual's experience, you need oversight, and you need measures in place, even if somebody is an executive level higher."

About the Jeff Gapinski

Jeff Gapinski is an entrepreneur, a husband, and a father. He is the Co-Founder and President of Huemor, a digital agency dedicated to building memorable websites. Over the past 13 years, Jeff led his team to nearly 500 successful website launches for brands like Live Nation, Revolon, NBC Sports, and The United Nations. As of this episode recording, Jeff's team consists of 65 members, and they are working with amazing brands across numerous industries and delivering some of the best websites on the internet.
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