Jamie Shibley on How to Build Stronger Emotional Loyalty in Business Relationships

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Episode 252

Are you digitally connected but emotionally disconnected from your relationships? or do you want to build true and lasting relationships? You're in luck! In this episode, we have Jamie Shibley, the CEO of The Expressory, a strategic engagement agency that believes that business growth will rely on your ability to build stronger emotional loyalty in your business relationships. 

After 20 years in the Corporate world full of IT & eCommerce roles, Jamie Shibley launched an online brand of her own. Jamie understands the influence of strategic gifts and wants to positively impact the mental well-being of our world by helping businesses acknowledge and care for their community members. 

Get ready to reshape your business connection approach, build trust, and create partnerships beyond the transactional with Jamie Shibley.


Topics Covered

  • The lost touch with customer engagement and relationship development.
  • Risk and impact of lack of emotional loyalty.
  • How technology changed people’s way of interaction and behavior.
  • Building the Know, Like, & Trust in the digital age.
  • Acknowledging and validating clients throughout their journey.
  • Giving strategic gifts and gratitude to support long-lasting relationships.
  • Consistent effort to manage customer anxiety in the unknown.
  • Enhancement of customer’s lifetime value.

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3 Powerful Quotes from Jamie Shibley

08:16 - “Emotional loyalty is when I do business with you because I love you, and so I think the risk is, who's loyal to anyone anymore.”

15:04 - “In order for a long-lasting relationship, people need to know you understand them, they need to feel you validate them, and they need to feel you care, and I think it's that validation and care that we are really lacking in business these days.”

21:44 - “Simply by your words, you can build the most long-lasting relationship with the most meaning that you would give them something to celebrate you.”


About Jamie Shibley

As a marketing relationship expert and gift strategist, Jamie Shibley has designed memorable customer experiences for numerous clients across the country, making it simple for companies to stand out and make a lasting impression. Respected as a market leader, Jamie’s gift designs have been featured on Entertainment Tonight. Jamie also served as the Managing Director of the Milwaukee Chapter of eWomenNetwork and was recognized as an eWomenNetwork Woman to Watch in 2018.


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