The Keys To Unlocking Small Business Growth with Serial Entrepreneur Troy Trewin

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 Episode 259

Are you ready to transform your mind and move your small business to the next level? Discover the keys to small business growth, the life you want to live, and finding happiness with entrepreneur Troy Trewin. This episode is for you if you want to create a life of freedom while growing your small business to success!
Troy Trewin is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Grow Your Small Business. At a young age, Troy started to understand the value of growing a business as he watched his parents build a small fuel business into a medium-sized one. Troy's love for entrepreneurship turned into his passion for helping other owners grow their small businesses with ease and live the lifestyle they signed up for.
Topics Covered:
  • Troy's superpowers when it comes to growing small businesses.
  • Understanding the five pillars of small business development.
  • Setting the right people and leading them for growth.
  • Focusing on simplicity.
  • Evolution of small businesses through online education and mentoring.
  • Cultivate a habit of continual mindset improvement.
  • The shift in people's market, workplace, relationship, and leadership expectations.
  • Building a legacy of educating business owners.
Remember, growing a small business takes time, effort, and perseverance. Stay focused, adapt to changes, and continuously work towards your improvement! If you want to have a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, join the Growth Driven Entrepreneur Community, where we help you market, grow, and scale your business simply and sustainably.

3 Powerful Quotes from Troy Trewin

07:36 - "I've shifted my superpower in two areas, mainly people and marketing, because I think they'll make all the value in growing a business."
22:06 - "Your performance is for all the teams to do and become more productive and less stressed. "
39:14 - "Whether they were surgeons or bricklayers or business owners, the thing was relationships, spending time with friends and family and having solid relationships. That's the thing that gave the greatest happiness."

About the Troy Trewin

Since late 1999, Troy Trewin has started, acquired, and grown 15 small businesses with 30 business partners in different industries in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. He currently Chairs three of the five Boards he sits on and provides coaching to a handful of CEOs and founders of interesting, fast-growing businesses in various sectors. The areas of expertise he brings to a business and Board include strategy, management, technology, and finance. 
In 2004, Troy founded the Grow A Small Business community, which has a weekly business podcast (400+ episodes and in the top 1.5% of all 3.1m podcasts) and the' Business Transformation Program', which helps busy owners live the lifestyle they signed up for.
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