From Rockstar Dreams to Meditation Mastery: Peter Paul Parker's Inspiring Journey

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Episode 244

Have you ever wondered how meditation heals the body, mind, and spirit? Peter Paul Parker, a meditation coach, sound healer, and a true visionary in the realm of holistic well-being, shares his healing transformation through harmonizing the force of music, meditation, and Qigong practice.
Peter Paul Parker worked for many years in the mind-body-spirit arena, won awards, and even became an international Qigong champion with the British team in Korea. He focused on listening to the rhythm of the mind, body, and spirit, cleansing the energy from within to vibrate a more positive and focused life. Peter's motto is "Journey Inwards – Succeed Outwards."

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You'll hear how to find true peace in meditation.
  2. Peter Paul explains how music and meditation can release and heal trauma.
  3. Discover the best Qigong meditation technique for you.

Episode Highlights

Peter Paul Parker's background
    • Peter suffered trauma after his parents died when he was young.
    • He relied on his brothers and friends.
    • Peter turned his passion for music into a career.
    • He believes in the importance of continuous growth as a human.
Music as a form of meditation and coping mechanism
    • Peter's whole family was into music.
    • Learned the tune of life and mastered music with bass guitar.
    • He realized the rhythm of focusing on what he wanted to do.
    • Music became his driving force to get out of a traumatic experience. 
Peter's transition from being a musician to a meditation coach
    • The difficulty of losing the label as a musician.
    • Peter studies Bruce Lee's Taekwondo-type training.
    • He then learns about Qigong and its benefits to the mind, body, and energy.
    • Peter's mind shifted from just learning to mastering Qigong.
    • He joined a Qigong team and won an international competition.
Peter's experience of releasing trauma
    • Peter faces his childhood trauma in a meditation cave.
    • There, he was able to release his anger and forgive people.
    • He changed his mindset into a positive and more focused one. 
What is the practice of Qigong of Korea (the background)
    • Qigong came from the mountain people.
    • The influence of Yoga in South East Asia turned into a Qigong Practice.
    • Qigong is the healing art inside of Tai Chi.
    • The essence of Qigong is focusing on the mind, body, and breath.
    • It's an exercise of connecting back to the body.
Different Qigong meditation techniques
    • Breathing meditation focuses on the breath.
    • Moving meditation is what Qigong is.
    • Guided meditation is the most popular thing in the world at the moment.
    • Silent meditation is challenging because it requires more focus than other types.
    • Sound meditation is the best thing one can do for oneself.
What is sound meditation healing
    • Everything can be translated to waveform.
    • The connection between the six chakras systems and human vibrations.
    • Tuning the layers of frequencies outside the body.
    • Focus on intention plus sound equals healing.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

15:17 - "My mind shifted to actually changed things. I've got to master this (Qigong) like I did with the bass guitar. I've got to make this me."
18:59 - "If you keep doing that regularly, keep refreshing your energy in your body, you start to lose all this heavy, negative energy, which changes your mindset into a more positive and more focused one."
40:29 - "As long as the low or high tone is your intention, plus the note equals the healing. So it's always your power of intention."

About Peter Paul Parker

Peter Paul Parker is a scholar in the mind-body connection and has run a successful coaching business for many years and has mainly done some fantastic work with the elderly. He has set up a charity called Brighter Living to help the elderly with their health and well-being using Qigong and meditation.

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