How to Write a Bestselling Book Without Writing a Word

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Episode 119

Do you want to know how to write a bestselling book without writing a word? Have you ever wanted to turn your advice and expert knowledge into a bestselling book but hated to write? Vikrant Shaurya, a digital publishing expert, shares how.

Vikrant Shaurya is the C.E.O. and Founder of, a sought-after Book Launch Manager, and an internationally recognized Digital Publishing Expert. He’s also the author of two #1 bestsellers.

He has helped consultants, thought leaders, and speakers actualize their dreams by writing, publishing, and marketing their books through his courses, coaching, and done-for-you services.

Vikrant provides valuable insights into writing a bestselling book and treats our listeners to a very generous gift. Trust me; you’re not going to want to miss this episode!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete Episode:

  1. Find out how to write a bestselling book without writing a word from an internationally recognized Digital Publishing Expert.
  2. Vikrant offers advice on where to start when writing a book, detailing the four different elements that make up the outline quadrant.
  3. Discover how to write a book outline in two hours using the Pomodoro Technique.

Episode Highlights

Who is Vikrant Shaurya

    • C.E.O. and Founder of
    • Author of two #1 bestsellers and an internationally recognized Digital Publishing Expert and Book Launch Manager.
    • He is the most-viewed author for “eBook Publishing” on Quora and recognized by the National Academy of Bestselling Authors.

How to write a bestselling book without writing a word

    • works with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and coaches who have great ideas and want to write a book.
    • These individuals often don’t have the time to write a book or don’t have the skillset.
    • Vikrant and his team can take these ideas and turn them into a bestseller within six months.
    • It’s a complete done-for-you service that includes writing, editing, proofreading, cover design, publishing, and marketing.
    • They do 95% of the heavy lifting for you.

Disappointing his family in pursuit of his dream

    • Vikrant dropped out of college, where he was studying engineering; this devastated his father, who had made significant financial sacrifices to afford him the opportunity.
    • Vikrant knew that he needed freedom, which only entrepreneurship would allow.
    • It took courage, grit, and perseverance for him to pursue his chosen path.

The failure of his first business venture

    • After dropping out of college, Vikrant started a business and took several loans.
    • Within six months, he had no money left, couldn’t pay his bills, and was bankrupt at 20.
    • His landlord would call him every day because he was three months behind.

Searching for ways to make money online

    • Vikrant didn’t know what to do.
    • With a broken laptop and a slow internet connection, he searched for ways to make money online with zero investment.
    • That day, he discovered self-publishing. 
    • He could write a book, publish it and make some money out of it, and that’s what he did.

The first book

    • The only goal that Vikrant had when writing his first book was to make money so he could pay his bills.
    • He ended up writing a book in 21 days, and his girlfriend at the time (now wife) proofread it for him before he published it.
    • He made $27 in royalties the first month, delighted with this result.

The second book

    • Vikrant wrote another book in three days, and it was a short book, around 50 pages.
    • He did some marketing for both books and made $440 in that first month.
    • His rent back then was $100 per month, so he could pay all his bills and survive the coming month.
    • At this point, Vikrant knew he was onto something.

Being his own customer

    • Vikrant admits he is a terrible writer and hates writing.
    • He used to get the lowest grade doing English as a subject, and it’s also not his first language.
    • He, however, was able to create a system that makes the process of writing a book easy.
    • With this system, he has built a successful business helping people just like him who hate writing but have great ideas to share.

Who should and shouldn’t write a book

    • If your agenda is to make money from book sales, this won’t be easy.
    • If you want to make positive R.O.I. from a book, you need some back-end business.
    • A book can be used as a medium to build your brand and establish yourself as an authority.

Where does one start

    • The first thing that Vikrant recommends is to do an outline quadrant.
    • It consists of four different elements.
    • Once completed, the outline quadrant will tell you where to start, what will be in the book, and how to provide value.

The outline quadrant breakdown 

    • The first element is the book idea, and this can be broad.
    • The second element is your why – why are you writing the book?
    • The third element is your target reader – who is your book for?
    • The fourth element is the hook of the book, the unique angle. What is going to make your book different?

How to go about doing a book outline

    • When your four elements are complete, you can create a book outline.
    • Vikrant recommends using the Pomodoro Technique for 30 minutes, writing down any ideas that come to mind.
    • No logical sequence or flow is needed; keep writing until the alarm goes off.
    • The major ideas will be your chapters, and the sub-ideas will be your subchapters; this gives you a rough table of contents.
    • A mind-mapping tool helps organize your ideas after you’ve written for 30 minutes.

The secret to having a bestseller

  • Vikrant says that people don’t care about excellent grammar and vocabulary.
  • They care about how you take them from point A to B.
  • How do you solve their personal or business problems?
  • If you can tap into that, people will buy your book.

How does Vikrant want to be remembered?

    • Vikrant wants to be remembered as an entrepreneur. Not one that was focused on money but rather on changing lives.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

10:25 – “They’re going to be 1000s of books, if not millions, on the same topic. So why will people buy your book instead of other books? You have to agree that this is how your book will be different.”

16:41 – “By seeing that outline quadrant, there will be many ideas and sub-ideas coming into your mind. Just start writing all of those ideas. Don’t stop. Don’t think about the logical flow or sequence; keep writing. Just keep on writing.”

31:24 – “People don’t care about grammar or writing. They care about how you can take them from point A to point B.”


About Vikrant Shaurya

Vikrant is the author of two #1 bestsellers: P.O.W.E.R.: The Success Mantra; and How to Write a Bestseller: Become a Bestselling Author, Attract High-Value Clients, and Skyrocket Your Authority. He is also the most-viewed author for “eBook Publishing” on Quora and is recognized by the National Academy of Bestselling Authors. has a done-for-you bestselling book package. It will turn your ideas and voice into a book, help to boost your credibility and authority, attract more clients and grow your business. And guess what, they guarantee a #1 bestselling book, or you get your money back!

If you want to know more about how to write a bestselling book without writing a word, then reach out for a free consultation on their website below.


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