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Episode 211

Do you want to share your story to help others? Maybe the idea of writing a book is constantly running in your mind but putting your thoughts and expertise into words troubles you. If you are ready to take action and publish your book into the world - you don't want to miss this.

Tamika L. Sims is the founder and CEO of Ink Pen Diva and a survivor of physical, sexual, and emotional relationship abuse. Using her experience as motivation, Tamika makes it her mission to empower others to find their unique voice and share their story with the world equipped with accountability, self-awareness, and guided instruction. She is a true heart-led fighter with a powerful ink pen weapon in hand.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You will learn who should, why, and how to write a book.
  2. Tamika shares how words can protect and restore a person's life.
  3. Learn the best practice of writing a book for busy professionals.


Episode Highlights

Who is Tamika L. Sims

  • Tamika L. Sims is a mom, author, book coach, and publishing strategist.
  • She helps hundreds of authors write, publish, and market their books.
  • A warrior and survivor that uses her ink pen power to save and change a life.

Who should write a book

  • People who want to pass their knowledge and expertise to others.
  • Someone who has experienced trauma and wants to help others who are going through the same thing.

Tamika's books titles and the story behind writing them

  • The Plus Factor - is her experience of coming out of an abusive relationship.
  • A Life that's Mine, her exploration of writing a nonfiction book.
  • Creating a Magnetic Community, an Ebook about Facebook groups.
  • A Woman's Journey to Self-Assurance: An Anthology, a book she wrote to help tell the stories of eight women.
  • The Dossier of a Successful Author is a book where Tamika shares specific principles she learned to build a sustainable brand.
  • Ink Pen Diva: The Truth Behind My Pen is her journey in building a book publishing business.

Book structure that performs well

  • Have a solid outline for your story.
  • Ensure to give the proper introduction.
  • Break down the book content or chapter of your material.
  • Provide references.
  • Share your bio and ways for readers to connect with you.

How to overcome the fear of being judged in your own stories

  • Tamika reminds people that their thoughts are safe in writing.
  • She highlights the importance of speaking with the right audience.
  • Shielding yourself with a positive mindset.

Tamika's incredible work at the University of South Carolina

  • Her book The Plus Factor was used as a required text in the Women and Gender Studies program.
  • She speaks with students about her book twice a year.

How Tamika supports people in their writing journey

  • She has a virtual workshop called Get Write & Get Published Book Training.
  • Tamika keeps her clients accountable for their writing goals.

Tamika's perspective on the new speak-to-write approach 

  • Tamika explains how speaking helps people get books done faster.
  • She encourages people to do what works best for them.

Best practice of writing a book for busy professionals

  • She suggests early morning writing between 4-6 AM for lesser distraction.
  • Provide at least two hours of writing or speaking time.

Tamika's authorpreneurship journey

  • Tamika started her side hustle in 2013 and went full-time in 2017.
  • The inner turmoil of making a decision for the business.
  • She learned to protect herself the hard way.
  • Tamika's joy of being able to inspire others and to walk that same path with them.

What Tamika would like to remember for

  • Tamika wants to be remembered as a woman who pursues her dreams.


3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

03:44 - "What I mean by saving someone's life, you get to save it in perpetuity because once you publish your book, publishing is forever."

12:19 - "The paper is designed to hold every single thought that comes across your mind. So there's never going to be any judgment from there."

14:59 - "Getting out of that abusive relationship was my foundation. A lot of people would see that as a negative, but I was able to turn it into a positive for my life, and that set me on the path to find my voice, to walk in my self-assurance, to walk in confidence."


About Tamika L. Sims

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is the motto of Five-time Author, Book Coach, and Publishing Strategist, Tamika L. Sims. Through years of opposition, domestic violence, and life's challenges Tamkia has a story to tell. 

As a book coach, Tamika's mission is to empower others to share their story with the world equipped with accountability, self-awareness, and guided instruction. Over the last 8 years, Tamika has helped more than 200 men, women, and children, tell their stories, producing bestselling and award-winning books worldwide. 

For over five years, Tamika served as a lecturer at the University of South Carolina - Columbia where her debut novel, The Plus Factor was used as a required text in the Department of Women and Gender Studies. She has served as an expert in the areas of domestic and sexual violence for numerous NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates. A native of Columbia, SC, Tamika now resides in Las Vegas, NV where she continues to work with aspiring individuals who want to share their stories with the world.


Mentioned Resources

Tamika L. Sims Book list

The Plus Factor 

A Life That's Mine

Creating a Magnetic Community 

A Woman's Journey to Self-Assurance: An Anthology

The Dossier of a Successful Author

Ink Pen Diva: The Truth Behind My Pen


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