Innovating for a Better Future- An Interview with Kenny Burks

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Episode 203

How can artificial intelligence help remove bias? My guest today is Kenny Burks, creator and owner of two businesses, where he aims to do exactly that. 

Kenny Burks, the visionary behind the innovative mobility solutions provider, carKenny.  He is also the founder of Home Equalizer, Unbiased Home Appraisals for black americans using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

He brings with him over a decade of experience in the automotive industry as a seasoned VP of Business Development and Saas Account Executive, having consulted with major players such as Hyundai, Northrop Grumman, and Amazon. With expertise in data analysis, digital transformations, and eCommerce scaling, Kenny is an expert in the field. He founded carKenny with a mission to reduce vehicle theft and accidents, expand access to environmentally friendly mobility options, and improve road safety. Kenny's passion for STEM education and providing opportunities for underrepresented communities is truly inspiring. With a background that includes a BS in Applied Mathematics from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, he is a true trailblazer in his field.

Listen in as Kenny and I talk about leveling the playing field and mindset shifts. We discuss the ins and outs of decision-making and the differences between corporate America and entrepreneurship.

Here are three reasons you should listen to the complete episode: 

  1. Discover a big mind shift change between working for corporate and being an entrepreneur.
  2. Hear what it’s like starting two new businesses at essentially the same time.
  3. Uncover how artificial intelligence helps take human bias out of processes.


Episode Highlights 

Car Kenny

    • Car Kenny is a platform that allows you to extract important vehicle metrics like GPS, location, speed, vehicle health, etc.
    • How can it get put into communities that really need it the most.

Home Equalizer

    • Kenny started Home Equalizer because black homes are undervalued by $156 billion. Latest estimates say that's about $48,000 per home. Appraisers are using a smaller radius when appraising black American homes.
    • Home Equalizer takes the bias out of appraisals by using artificial intelligence.
    • They are certified by many of the underwriters with larger banks as well as black and brown-owned banks.
    • The goal is to remove as much human interaction as possible to take bias out of the process.

Kenny’s background 

    • Started college studying computer science but was so bored he switched his major to mathematics which he loved.
    • Kenny worked in corporate America for a while but none of them would support him working on his job along with theirs.
    • He left knowing he was able to give his business 100% of his energy and attention. 

The Mindset Shift coming out of corporate

    • Having that ability to pivot is completely different than in corporate America.
    • Kennith encourages people to find ways to pivot and be innovative.

What Kennith would like to be remembered for

    • Kennith wants to be remembered for his perseverance and not being stuck in the outcome itself but more so the journey.


3 Powerful Quotes

27:37 – Knowing that you don't know at all and you know, the best route to market is a community because you can get a lot further with two or three or four brains versus your brain itself, even if you are a master whiz of any industry."

33:06 – Being an entrepreneur, you have all the power in your hands, and for the most part, it’s great because if there is a negative you learn from it, you pivot, you find a way to correct it.” 

33:47 – Failing fast, the person who fails the fastest learns from it and pivots and is typically the person who wins.” 


About Kennith Burks 

Kennith is the visionary behind the Innovative Mobile Solutions Provider Car Kenny. He's also the founder of Home Equalizer, an unbiased home appraisal process, and system an app for black Americans to help equalize the home appraisal process using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Kennith brings over a decade of experience in the automotive industry as a season vice president of business development and SAS account executive.


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Home Equalizer


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