Paul Bloch Redefining Content Creation with Revolutionary AI Technology

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Episode 249

Are you ready to level up your podcasting game and revolutionize your conversation? Then, this episode is for you! Explore the future of podcasting and content creation with Paul Bloch of Fathom Labs. Learn about transformative AI technology and its potential for creators.

Paul Bloch is an innovative product designer and entrepreneur from Sacramento, California. Paul has roots in Graphic and User Experience design and has worked with leading companies such as, Kodak, Autodesk, Yammer, and 3M, driving transformational design initiatives.


Topics Covered:

  • Paul Bloch's background and the creation of their podcast AI business.
  • Developing semantic search technology for podcast content.
  • Real-life process of building an AI product.
  • The origin story of Fathom.
  • Challenges and market maturity of AI technology.
  • Comparison of Chat GPT and Podium GPT.
  • Creating high-quality transcript services.
  • PODbook's capability to turn podcast content into a whole book.

As the podcasting industry continues to evolve, AI technology will evolve and offer exciting possibilities. If you're a podcaster or a content creator ready to leverage the true value of your audio content through innovative technology, join the Growth Driven Entrepreneur Community, where we help you market, grow, and scale your voice and business simply and sustainably.


3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

25:47 - "So Podium is your sidekick, your copilot, your artificial virtual assistant that generates content from your content."

34:58 - "We have a whole AI that we did design and train that topically segments, your content, and then titles, those sections and create summaries for those sections."

36:25 - "If you'd like to talk, Podium can help you do more with your content."


About Paul Bloch

In his effort to push the boundaries of innovation, Paul Bloch and his long-time friend Ken Miller co-founded two cutting-edge platforms, and Podium. was established as a fresh approach to podcast experiences, aiming to transform how audiences interact with content. Meanwhile, Podium was conceived to address the challenges in podcast post-production. It offers a suite of AI-powered services such as show notes generation, automated transcripts, and editing solutions, making it a game-changer in the podcasting industry.


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