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Episode 205

What kind of environment do we want to create now to bring people into this place that is pretty special? What makes this environment really special? These are just two questions my guest today helps companies consider when making a major change. 

Esther Weinberg is a business growth accelerator that equips executives in high-growth industries to create game-changing breakthroughs, increase profitability in declining markets and create successful and sustainable “portable” virtual cultures with executives, leaders and teams. 

As Founder & Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone, she moves leaders through change with proven systems to create big pivots, big impact and big returns. Esther’s strategies assist companies through such impactful conditions as planning and executing reorganizations; moving employees from burnout and exhaustion to empowered, innovative and driven; and implementing clear priorities and strategies for growing a virtual and global workforce. 

The statistics she shares regarding tough conversations may leave you astonished. Workplace environment and culture are changing.

Here are three reasons you should listen to the complete episode: 

  1. Learn about your current reality, opportunity, and possibility.
  2. Questions companies may want to ask themselves about their environment and culture when growing their employee base.
  3. Discover the meaning behind “context is decisive.”


Episode Highlights

How did Esther get into leadership?

    • Esther became a senior executive at a young age. She knew there was more when she questioned - what's our responsibility as leaders to the people here? And how can we create an environment where people see the opportunity rather than elsewhere?

How has leadership changed

    • The Covid pandemic started building a culture of trust, respect, and psychological safety.
    • Creating portable workforces.

Doorway to sustainable change 

    • Current reality: how you feel about the change in your emotions, how you experience the change and the actions or inactions you're taking to support the change or not
    • Possibility: seeing something for what it is, not what you prefer
    • Opportunity: to determine practically and pragmatically what you need to stop and start doing to create a new outcome

When Esther can benefit your organization

    • When the organization is going through a vast amount of change, they're trying to solve it in a few ways, catching up to it, getting ahead of it, scaling to it.
    • Are you scaling in your growth?
  • When massive behavior changes have to happen.

What Esther would like to be remembered for

    • Esther wants to be remembered for leaving the planet with people feeling like they could embrace their own human dignity and give that human dignity to others.


3 Powerful Quotes

Empathy has become more of a value. Things that we used to deem as soft skills are not now.” 

Context is decisive. So how you hold something, and how you view it becomes the reality to which it becomes.” 

We can control our intentions and our actions. Anyone can shift for a moment, and in a moment, and the sum of those small changes lead to massive positive ones.” 


About Esther Weinberg 

Esther Weinberg has a business growth accelerator that equips executives and high-growth industries to create game-changing breakthroughs, increase profitability, even in declining markets, and create successful, sustainable, portable virtual cultures with executives, leaders, and teams. As the founder and Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone, she has moved leaders through change with proven systems to create big pivots, big impacts, and big returns.

Esther has held executive positions at the likes of Disney and Fox. She's a respected thought leader contributing to Forbes and a member of Harvard's Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital. She is also the co-founder of the being Me Foundation, along with her wife, Lin to redefine diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for the LGBTQIA+  young adult community


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