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Episode 55

Leadership is about accomplishing the mission while you’re serving your community and your subordinates.

Leadership can be one of the most demanding jobs for a person. It is a labor of great responsibility, continuous hard work, and a lot of sacrifices. Not everyone was born or made to become a leader.

In this episode, today’s guest is Jesus Eddie Campa, and he is here to talk to us about authentic leadership. You will hear about Eddie’s trajectory and the challenges that led him to become the true leader he is today, and the programs and books he is preparing to be published to help others.

Press play and find out what defines a true leader who looks after the good of all.


Why you should listen to Unmasking Leadership with Jesus Eddie Campa:

  1. Learn how to recognize a true leader.
  2. Understand that not all police officers are bad. Most are excellent human beings, responsible and passionate about their job.
  3. Know that the most significant learning and inspiration come from our mistakes.



Episode Highlights

Inspiration to be part of the police force.

    • Since childhood, he was always interested in the children’s game “Good boy, Bad boy.”
    • He followed his uncle’s footsteps, a police officer who was his father figure.
    • TV shows inspired by police plots

Eddie’s biggest challenges

    • Arriving in a town where the levels of racial tension are high.
    • Make people trust in my good role as an officer.
    • Of course, the biggest challenge was getting the officers and the police department on board.

Eddie’s 21st Century Policing definition.

    • On the one hand, there are 99% of the officers who love and respect our work. The other 1% makes us look bad.
    • There is a need for commitment, a stronger relationship between the police chief and the union, where not right is right and wrong is wrong. If an officer is wrong, he should be punished.
    • 21st Century Policing is a reminder to go back to the basics of who we were and what we are.

What does being a leader mean to Eddie?

    • A person who takes control of their methods and discipline to create a real change.
    • A person committed to his word. 

Inspiration to write a book unmasking leadership

    • Sometimes education teaches you what they want you to know. With this book, Eddie wants to share the truth of what it means to be a good leader.
    • Over the years, Eddie has learned essential things and gone through many experiences that he wants to share in this book.

Is a leader made or born?

    • For Eddie, leaders are made. You don’t know you are a leader until you face a critical situation.
    • You become a leader by experiencing mistakes and failures and learning from those mistakes.

Eddie’s life right now

    • He feels very good about himself. Eddie says that he has done good deeds and has no time for regrets.
    • He keeps growing. Eddie has mentors who contribute valuable things that he can implement in his life and learn from the mistakes.
    • He is now working on all his projects and especially his next book to be published.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

21:02 - “Don’t ever forget who you work for. You are a servant of the public. If you believe that badge and the gun is what gave you that authority, you are sadly mistaken. Your authority came from the people who voted and put in place the legislators who enacted the laws. It is your job and your responsibility to uphold those laws. If you think that those people can take that power away from you, try it, and we’ll see what happens.”

22:29 - “Treat people fairly, treat people kindly, give people their respect and in the end, they will respect you; they might not agree with you, but it’ll be a respectful interchange.”

40:03 - “If you’re not failing, that means you’re just not trying hard enough.”


About Jesus Eddie Campa

Jesus “Eddie” Campa is an internationally recognized expert on Leadership, Law Enforcement, and Security. His first book Unmasking Leadership (Available summer, July 2021), takes a unique look at what they don’t tell you about leadership and how to deal with adversity that comes with being the leader.

Eddie retired as the Chief Deputy of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office after a successful 20-year career. He was appointed as the Chief of Police for the Ector County Independent School District in Odessa, Texas.

He then served as the Chief of Police for the City of Marshall, Texas. Eddie’s last tour as Chief of Police in a city impacted by racial divisions led him to create and implement the innovative No Colors No Labels Initiative designed to remove the preconceived notion that the Police were racially motivated. NCNL provided a safe community for all citizens.


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