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Episode 243

Are you still using cookie-cutter marketing messages that make you feel nauseous and inauthentic? David Muntner, a visionary, leader, and founder of Renaissance Messaging, shares how curiosity led him to marketing and now writes marketing messaging for over a hundred top leaders and influencers. 

David Muntner has written marketing messages in fields from law to witchcraft to science, finance, and cryptocurrency. He believes that "old school" marketing doesn't work anymore, so he embraces making shifts and uses truth-based techniques to build modern marketing.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You'll hear how to deliver marketing messages with passion and purpose.
  2. Find out how to align your messaging to authenticity.
  3. Discover how to add uniqueness to the traditional funnel mentality.

Episode Highlights 

Curiosity as a Life Theme

    • Having intentional curiosity is a superpower.

    • David is perversely curious.

    • He finds the truth through curiosity.

    • The different industries that David tried.

    • David embraces the fact of staying curious in continuously figuring things out. 

David's first dive into the marketing industry

    • He didn't figure out entrepreneurship until he was 30.

    • David and his band had a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their album.

    • Clues of David being a great marketer.

What is the meaning of Renaissance Messaging for David
    • He came up with the name at the Funnel Hacking Live of Russell Bronson.
    • The shower is David's safe space for ideation.
    • Renaissance means creative revolution, revitalization, and rebirth.
The common messaging problems that people face
    • Their concern is market sophistication.
    • They need something true to who they are at the moment.
    • They want result-oriented conversation.
How to align messaging to authenticity
    • Do pattern recognition: commonalities vs. obvious differences.
    • Check the value side of things: power vs. force.
    • Have your tasks in a different setting.
How to tie uniqueness to traditional funnel mentality
    • David's idea of a funnel is like building dominos.
    • Learning human nature and the structure to model from.
    • The values of creativity and authenticity of the messaging.
    • Give more than receive.
    • Have a special sauce for the funnel.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

05:33 - "Asking the right questions is how people find their own truth in a way."
20:35 - "Passion meets strategy meets implementation."
37:51 - "You're always giving more than you're receiving, and it's actually what people want, and it's your responsibility to find out if it's what they actually need and want."

About David Muntner

In 2020, David Muntner established his vision of forming a collective of curiosity-driven Renaissance men and women to offer radically different and more effective marketing strategies based on truth and authenticity. 
David has been a sculptor, a writer, a personal trainer, and a marketer and currently enjoys writing and playing music on a wide range of instruments.

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