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Episode 213

Do you feel stuck in increasing your sales revenue? Maybe you are looking for effective strategies to improve your client-getting process and generate more sales. Mac Attram is the Founder and CEO of MindSpace Coaching and has helped business owners increase sales revenues by 20%-200% and is the author of four books. 

Mac's coaching expertise has helped countless business owners rapidly increase their sales revenues by 20% to 200% in just a few months, as well as implement better processes and build winning business teams. He's an entrepreneur who has developed and sold several profitable companies and is also a multi-award winning business coach and author.

Mac had many years of business challenges and failures before discovering what works. His tenacity and over 40 years of Martial Arts practice helped him stay focused and disciplined, a trait he takes into all areas of his life, including business.

In this episode, we'll delve into Mac's extensive experience as a business coach and trainer, his journey to success, and the principles he teaches to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn from Mac Attram on The MindShift Podcast.


Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You will learn how to fill your mind with the right beliefs and skills to succeed.
  2. Hear how Mac builds and rebuilds profitable businesses and trains others to do the same.
  3. Learn the system, processes, and strategies to attract clients faster, easier, and more fun.


Episode Highlights

Who is Mac Attram

      • Mac Attram is a world-class business trainer and coach.
      • He is the Founder and CEO of MindSpace Coaching, host of the Business Success Show, and book author.
      • He is a leading business growth expert that trains and coaches over 100,000 business owners and individuals worldwide.

How did Mac get into the world of martial arts

    • Mac uses martial arts to protect himself from bullying.
    • He is currently a 6-Dan Black belt holder in Taekwondo.

Mac's entrepreneurial journey

    • He worked in 3 corporate companies and felt unsatisfied.
    • Mac quit his job and started a computer company.
    • His biggest struggles in early business are finding clients and making sales.

The go-to play on Mac's business playbook

    • Creating joint ventures and strategic partnerships.
    • Mac learned that providing mutual value can result in increased sales and rapid growth.
    • He generated over $25 million for his company and his joint venture partners.

How to start and build a joint venture in a non-salesy way

    • Identify your ideal clients and the people who are already serving them.
    • Be interested, engage with them, and be visible.
    • Invest in establishing good relationships with your potential partners.

Why business growth expert interview their fellow experts

    • Mac explains that every person has different elements of how they do things.
    • People learn from each other's experiences.
    • Developing more trust and credibility by adding more value.

What Mac sees on the current state of the market in the UK

    • People are more cautious in spending their money.
    • He encourages people to learn, grow, and be prepared for all the changes.

The origin of MindSpace Coaching

    • The failures and struggles in Mac's first business venture.
    • He realized that success starts in our minds.
    • Mac's intention is to help people fill up their mind space with the right things to help grow the business.
    • He is committed to keeping his mind and body fresh to be able to help others.

Mac's award-winning books

    • The Power of Masterminding is a book about the mindset, skillset, and process to achieve success faster and more easily.
    • How to Succeed: The Inspired Warriors code is a personal development success book.
    • Face it and Fix was published at the time Mac was struggling in his business.
    • The Millionaire Moment book is based on the science of the mind.

How Mac's programs help business owners get clients and increase sales

    • Mac and his team help clients tell their stories and the emotions behind them.
    • They created a powerful and clear marketing strategy with customers in mind.
    • Mac teaches his clients the authentic sales process to close more sales and make more money.
    • Keeping track and auditing the numbers at play.

What Mac would like to remember for

    • Mac wants to be remembered as a man with a mission to inspire, educate and empower people to live a life of joy, courage, passion, and purpose.


3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

15:18 - "We live in a world where you can be full of ego if you so choose, but I'm one of those who come with an open cup."

19:09 - "What I say to people is just learn and grow and be prepared regardless of what the economy is doing."

22:46 - "Everything I realized starts from the way I think, what I believe, and how I approach things."


About Mac Attram

Mac Attram is the Founder & CEO of MindSpace Coaching, a leading business growth expert widely regarded as one of the most sought-after Business Coaches and Trainers for Entrepreneurs. He is famous for helping business owners rapidly increase their sales revenues between 20% – 200% in just a few months, as well as implementing better processes and build winning business teams so that they can have more time off to enjoy their lives.

He is an entrepreneur who has developed and sold several profitable companies. He is also a multi-award-winning business coach and author and has been featured as an "expert advisor" in TV, newspapers, and magazines. He was previously awarded the 'Executive Coach of the Year' in the UK.

The principles he learned in business and now teaches to others have helped him earn millions for himself and for his clients. Mac has also trained and coached over 100,000 business owners & individuals from all over the world in more than 30 countries and has shared the stage with some of the world's premier thought leaders, entrepreneurs & speakers, including Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Les Brown, Keith Cunningham, James Caan, Eric Thomas, Lady Michelle Mone, and Duncan Bannatyne.


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