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Episode 215

Have you ever felt lost? Are you lacking the motivation to live your life and dwelling on your negative emotions? You might feel helpless now but remember you are not alone. Sheryl Green discovered the power of storytelling after experiencing a devastating divorce and now helps others to overcome their own obstacles.

Sheryl is a non-fiction author of five books, including her latest book "Living Unleashed! How Setting Boundaries Sets You Free." She dedicated her life to providing a voice for those who cannot speak and donates her time, talent, and money to animal rescue. Sheryl's newest book is due out in the Spring, and she's looking forward to helping people establish healthier boundaries in their personal and professional lives. 


Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. Learn how to structure and write a book in 45 days.
  2. Discover how the power of storytelling saves Sheryl's life and others.
  3. Find out how to develop the art and science of writing a book that impacts and sells.


Episode Highlights

Who is Sheryl Green

    • Sheryl Green is a non-fiction book author.
    • She has been in the writing industry for 15 years.
    • Writing became a therapeutic and cathartic process for her in the process of her divorce.

How Sheryl started to write non-fiction books

    • She moved to Las Vegas and met a professor from her novel writing class.
    • When Sheryl decided to be a speaker, people asked her to write a book.
    • She discusses topics about resiliency and challenges that resulted in her first book Surviving to Thriving.

Key things that Sheryl learn to master surviving to thriving

    • She learns to heal her depression by helping someone else.
    • Sheryl got involved in animal rescues that saved her life back.
    • She was able to change her perspective to find gratitude and purpose in life.

Living Unleashed: How Setting Healthy Boundaries Sets You Free

    • Sheryl thought about ending things at once, including her life.
    • The realization to learn and set boundaries and write a book.
    • She outlines 50% to 60% of her book on the plane.

How Sheryl develop the art and science of writing a book

    • The first fiction book Sheryl wrote took four years, and her third one only took 45 days.
    • She joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) - an event held every November.
    • Sheryl uses index cards to outline her whole book.

The three-part simple structure of an outline

    • First, talk about what the problem is and give a broad solution.
    • Second, discuss your process and specific things to provide the solution.
    • Lastly, mention other ways how you can help your readers.

Why is storytelling so essential

    • Emotional storytelling connects us with one another.
    • Most of our buying decisions are made subconsciously.

How to tell or write good stories

    • Being willing to be vulnerable and share your experience.
    • Sheryl describes the character arc of a story.
    • Only tell a story when you have a purpose.
    • Provide the next actionable step after they read the story.

What is the secret to book writing for busy people

    • Know your boundaries and establish them.
    • Schedule a writing time that works for you.
    • Seek help from a book writing coach to get you accountable.

What Sheryl would like to remember for

    • Sheryl wants to be remembered for saying, "It's okay to say no, and it's okay to give of yourself instead of giving up yourself."


3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

05:57 - "When you feel like all hope is lost, and there's nothing you can do to possibly get yourself out of depression or out of whatever situation you're in. My answer was go help someone else."

21:00 - "If you don't know where you're going, and you don't know what steps you're going to take along the way, you're gonna get stuck."

31:19 - "Whether you have a physical brand or just your own personal brand, you have to evoke emotion in people, or you're just going to fall flat on your face."


About Sheryl Green

Sheryl holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and has worked in Customer Service, Public Relations, Education, and the Nonprofit world. A passionate animal advocate, she served as the Director of Communications and Cuddling for Hearts Alive Village. After years of begging for donations, she learned about Cause Marketing and now helps businesses and nonprofits work together for the betterment of both.

She is the author of "Surviving to Thriving: How to Overcome Setbacks and Rock Your Life," "Once Upon a Bottom Line: Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in Sales," "Book Writing for Busy People," and "Do Good to Do Better: The Small Business Guide to Growing Your Business by Helping Nonprofits."


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